Ring With Tanzanite And Diamonds 

Diamonds have fascinated humans for centuries, tanzanite one of the most exotic gems of all times - was first found quite recently in 1976. A finely handcrafted tanzanite diamond ring, would impress even the most seasoned jewelry critic. Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry with no limitation on design, gemstone or metal (gold or silver). When picking a diamond and tanzanite ring, look beyond the external appearance of the jewel. Just remember we are referring to natural tanzanite gems and natural diamonds for your ring - no manmade substitutes. You could pick any design from our websites and request, for the ring to be crafted with tanzanite and diamonds. We present a few handpicked tanzanite diamond rings in this section. This should give you an idea of the quality of jewels and service that we provide.

tanzanite and diamond ring white gold
tanzanite ring with diamonds

The gorgeous blue-violet color of tanzanite, makes it suitable for all metal colors. You could therefore a tanzanite diamond ring in white, yellow or pink gold and even silver. The color shade of the tanzanite gems shown in the rings shown on this web page, were specifically requested for by the buyer. The blue-violet color of tanzanite gems ranges from a very pale color shade, to a deeper saturated color. We recommend that you choose a medium color saturation for your diamond and tanzanite ring. This is the ideal color shade that, brings out the beauty and sparkle of tanzanite. You can order your gold or silver ring with diamonds and tanzanite, with a deep colored tanzanite gem but, please refer to this note. Dark shades of tanzanite with good clarity, carry a premium price tag. Our support experts will guide you with pricing and other details if, you wish to use such a gem for your tanzanite gemstone ring with diamonds. Another point with deep shades of tanzanite is that, the gems absorb most of the light that touches their surface. This 'kills' the sparkle of the gem - the light fails to hit the inner facets of the gem and bounce back from the top. 

tanzanite ring for men with diamonds
diamond and tanzanite ring

Tanzanite diamond rings are popular with men and women, just remember that you do not need to overdo the diamond part, in your tanzanite gemstone ring. Just a gentle accent with diamonds is all that you should look for. Before picking a diamond tanzanite ring, make sure that you are getting natural diamonds. The confusion raised by lab created diamonds, could convince you into going for something that you really did not expect. In recent years big names in the glittering industry like DeBeers and GIA, seem to be hinting that - lab diamonds are very similar to natural ones. This is not the case, so please make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

So  is a tanzanite diamond ring good for a special occasion like a wedding or engagement. The simple answer is yes but, before you rush to get a ring - sit back and read these notes. The design concept of a tanzanite ring must consider, the fact that the gem needs some amount of care to stay in shape. Tanzanite is not the type of gem that can be, pushed and hit around. It is our opinion that, no jewel should be exposed to strong heat or chemicals, detergents and physical impact. At a very basic level, you do not want the gemstone in your tanzanite diamond ring to protrude, too much beyond the surface of the ring. If you choose to go for a tanzanite engagement ring, do not wear it in environments where it can be struck by force or remain exposed to extreme conditions. Many jewelers would not care to provide such information but, at Kaisilver we believe that you have a right to know. 

Jewelry lovers these days, love to hear about the history and background of the gems that they wear. Our team of gem and diamond experts, have thoroughly studied the background and folklore attached to most natural gems. We share some of our findings here. Tanzanite the gem in your ring belongs to the Zoisite mineral family. Renowned jeweler Tiffany's is credited with introducing Tanzanite to the gemstone industry. After scientifically testing the gem to determine that it was a piece of gem quality Zoisite - Tiffany named the gem Tanzanite. This because the name 'Zoisite' sounded like 'suicide'. So you now know that the gem in your tanzanite ring, is the mineral zoisite. We will in a moment explain why the gem was named 'Tanzanite'.

Tanzanite: You might be surprised to know that Tanzanite is found in just one place on the planet - a small stretch of land in Tanzania. That piece of land near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, is the only place in the world where Tanzanite is commercially mined. This does mean that the gemstone in a tanzanite diamond ring is very rare - experts tell us that, tanzanite is about 1,000 times rarer than diamonds! While the gem was first seen as recently as in 1976, it would have been formed at least a few million years ago. The most believable story is that a piece of tanzanite was found by a Masaai herdsman who, then sold it to a gem trader. Another interesting fact is that most tanzanite when taken from the earth, has a deep brownish green color. The gem is heated to improve its clarity and bring out that fabulous color. Back to the Masaai herdsman and the possible explanation is that, the stone found by the man was likely struck by lightning. So the gem got heated by a natural process. It would now be clear that, Tanzanite got its name from the place where it was first found - Tanzanite. Interestingly, no other commercial source for the gem has ever been found until today.

Gold or Silver: Kaisilver will craft a gold or silver diamond tanzanite ring to the same superior standards. So you can order your ring in the metal of your choice. Tanzanite gold rings can be crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - you also have a choice of white, yellow or pink gold to pick from. For a silver tanzanite gemstone ring with diamonds, we would recommend that you keep the ring un-plated. This is because any plated silver ring, will show a peel off of the plating after a while. Do not use harsh chemicals or lotions, to clean and polish a sterling silver tanzanite ring. These could negatively affect the gem. 

We do hope that you have found this section on tanzanite gemstone diamond rings, to be helpful. The content in this report does not have a significant sales tone to it. The idea is to highlight points of interest and provide related information - this leaves you with all the inputs to make a well informed decision. It is fine if you choose to work with another jeweler, we would still like to help you with any information that you might need. 

How To Order: Leading the online high end custom made sector for the past few decades, Kaisilver meticulously handcrafts each piece in Thailand. Gold and sterling silver jewelry orders are given the same premium attention, no compromises and substandard quality. If you are interested in a tanzanite ring with diamonds or any other jewel, email us at sales@kaisilver.com - do not be in a hurry to buy, until you have all the related information available. Since each piece is fully made to order, all design modifications and gem options are available. We can also craft a unique custom jewel with you, with your own design idea or concept. As an example of a diamond tanzanite ring - you could pick a design (yours or ours), specify the tanzanite color that you prefer (pale, medium, dark), make a selection of 10k 14k 18k gold and further pick white, yellow, pink (rose) as the gold color. And like mentioned in the report, you also have the option for a silver tanzanite diamond ring. 

The items shown on this page are just a small collection, there is no limit to what we can do for you. Each item has a link that, takes you to the full report - this is where you will find detailed information regarding options, pricing etc. You are always welcome to email us with, any further queries that you might have. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With over 12,000 style and quality savvy clients across 12 nations, Kaisilver is rightly referred to as one of the leading providers of high end custom made jewelry. Expert Thai artisans meticulously craft each jewel that we make in gold or 925 silver. The Kaisilver gem procurement unit, remains networked to leading gem mining and cutting centers across the globe. Gaining preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we place no restriction on your gem selection. Your choice of gems need not be restricted to what is mentioned on our websites. Contact us with any questions that you might have, you are welcome to send in your own design sketches and images to be custom made. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com - we will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 


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