Diamond Band Pair, Essentials

Diamond bands are generally purchased to mark a special occasion like an engagement or wedding. These are events that symbolize a special relationship between two individuals, a pair of diamond pair rings is believed to add meaning to that relationship. The term 'pair' in this case implies two rings that, share a common thread and this is generally related to the design concept. Having said that, it is quite obvious that the men's band would be larger, wider and much heavier than that worn by the woman. The metal or metal color and the choice of gemstones and diamonds for the two rings might also differ. In this report we will look at the RG180 diamond ring from Kaisilver, this has been a hot seller for over a decade. We will tell you some awesome ways by which, you can get a pair of diamond (or gemstone) bands without spending too much. 

kaisilver diamond band ring
diamond band pair

Take a look at the RG180 diamond band ring and you will agree that, the design suits both men and women. However something that men might prefer is to go for a wider band. If you are looking for a pair of diamond bands, this ring along with its customizable features should be of interest. Kaisilver custom makes each ring, no ready made molds and blocks are used in the process. This makes it possible to accommodate any type of design change that you need. You could in fact request for a pair of band rings to be custom made, with your own design concept. Coming back the ring shown here, let us first look at the standard features and then talk about modifications that could be done to make the ring more suitable for men. This would essentially allow you to get a pair of diamond band rings. 

Standard Features For The Ring:

  • Custom made in gold or silver with uniform quality standards.
  • Options for the gold diamond band include 14k and 18k gold. 
  • You can also choose yellow, white or rose gold. 
  • The ring has a healthy metal weight of 10 to 12 grams. 
  • Larger rings could require an additional metal weight. 
  • Diamond sizes available are 2.5mm and 3mm rounds. 
  • The diamond band ring has a head height of 7mm to 8mm.
  • The portion behind the finger is about 4mm to 5mm.
  • Can combine diamonds and gemstones in the same ring. 
  • The diamond band can be ordered with a uniform or tapered band. 
  • You can request for no scooping to be done inside the band. 
  • Request for a price quote if you need square (princess cut) diamonds. 
  • We can accommodate requests for all design modifications.

Updating The Ring For Men:

  • Men generally prefer a larger band width, this can be done 2 ways.
  • You could request for larger gems or diamonds like 4mm to 5mm.
  • It is possible to use 3 or even 4 gems / diamonds in the ring. 
  • Can combine gemstones and diamonds in the same ring. 
  • Men's diamond bands should weigh at least 20-25 grams.
  • Large band widths and band sizes require more metal weight. 
  • Let us know if you prefer a solid band with no scooping done inside. 
  • You can order a ring with a tapered or uniform band width. 
  • Men seem to prefer square gems or diamonds for their ring.
  • A men's band ring should be at least 8mm to 9mm wide. 
  • Many men like yellow gold bands, we provide all 3 gold color options. 
  • The diamond band can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold.
  • Pricing for a 10k men's band ring is available on request. 
  • The gold and 925 silver rings, have the same quality standards. 
  • A price quote will be provided once all specifications are finalized. 

You now have a fairly good idea of how the popular RG180 diamond band ring from Kai Silver, can be configured into a pair. We can also custom make a pair of band rings for you with a design provided by you. Add meaning to your rings by requesting for an etching to be done inside the band. The RG180 ring has some excellent built in features to make the ring sturdy and long lasting. The good metal weight and the low profile setting for the gems and diamonds, are some of the awesome features. Gems that significantly protrude from the ring surface, are likely to get damaged by physical impact. 

How To Buy: We recommend that you read the entire RG180 Diamond Band Report and check out prices and options. Having done that, discuss your requirements with the Kaisilver experts at sales@kaisilver.com and make sure that you have clear answers for all your queries. You can then move to the order confirmation and payment step. You can also email us images or sketches, if you wish to have a pair of diamond band rings, made with your design idea.