What Is A Promise Ring ?

Many of us would have heard of a promise ring, interestingly not many jewelry lovers understand the true meaning of a promise ring. In this report we will cover a number of facts related to promise rings. You will find answers to questions like - What is a promise ring? Which finger is a promise ring worn on? Can men wear promise rings? Do all promise rings related to engagement and wedding? What are the common 'promises' for which promise rings are worn? What does a purity promise ring mean? We invite you to read and understand this very interesting report, rest assured that very few jewelers would care to share such detailed information. 


Meaning Of A Promise Ring 

A promise ring symbolizes a commitment or promise between two people. So while the meaning of a promise ring relates to a promise, the nature of the promise can be very diverse. For example two close friends could, exchange promise rings with the commitment that, they would be there for each other during tough times. A mother could gift a promise ring to her daughter while the young one, promises to concentrate on her studies through her college years. When asked what a promise ring means, it is often related to matrimonial jewelry. The point is that this ring can be gifted or worn, for many reasons unrelated to matrimony. Experts often suggest that the reason for which a promise ring is being given, should be clearly explained to the receiver. This will remove any possibility of the intention being misunderstood. 


Design And Price Of A Promise Ring

What promise rings mean is embodied in the symbolism of the jewel. It is important to understand that the meaning of your promise ring, will not diminish or expand based on the design or price of the ring. In general there is no precise design that would, classify it as being ideal for promise rings. Similarly a gold or sterling silver ring, a simple or elaborate design, no precious gem or a ring studded with diamonds - would all be fine as promise rings. There is a specific category of promise rings that, could influence  the design selected. You might have heard of 'promise rings for couples', 'promise ring pair, 'his and her promise ring' etc. So what exactly do these promise rings mean? There are times when couples or close friends, decide to wear promise rings. A wife for example, might wear a promise ring to imply that, she would remain faithful to her husband. And the husband on his part would also, wear a promise ring with similar significance. Taking the meaning of these promise rings a step ahead, it is quite common for couple promise rings to have similar designs. So if you consider that the rings are for 'him' and 'her', you would prefer to pick a design concept that is suited for both men and women. Good examples are simple band rings with or without, gems or diamonds. The ancient claddagh ring first made four centuries ago is another great idea. Kaisilver is credited with handcrafting the best rendition of this historic ring.


Can Mean Wear Promise Rings?

Just skipping back to what the promise ring means. These rings symbolize a commitment or promise, nothing here to single out a specific gender. So yes, men can wear promise rings and with similar meaning. Men are known to wear purity promise rings, pre-engagement promise rings, friendship promise rings or as religious promise rings. People who practice a similar religion could, wear a promise ring implying that they would believe and practice the teachings of that religion. The underlying meaning of all these promise rings remains the same. One note about the design of religious promise rings is that, these rings could display a similar symbol or motif - these would be defined by the specific religion or belief. 


Which Finger Is A Promise Ring Worn On?

Just repeating that the true meaning of a promise ring is in the symbolism of the ring. There is much flexibility regarding exactly which finger a promise ring should be worn on. But let us shed some light on the more popular practices of choosing, a finger to wear the promise ring on. Talking of the the left hand, the finger right next to the tiny (pinky) finger is considered to be the ring finger. In ancient times it was believed that a special vein of love (vena amori), runs directly from this finger to the heart! Many jewelry lovers choose this ring finger on which to wear their promise ring.

Interesting because the ring finger on the left hand is also, the finger that generally adorns the engagement and wedding ring. A common practice is to shift the promise ring from the ring finger on the left hand, to the same finger on the right hand - this when it is time to wear an engagement or wedding ring. It is not uncommon to wear a promise ring on the middle finger, it is just a matter of personal preference. 

Here is some very sensitive information related to choosing the promise ring finger. Not all promise rings are worn to symbolize a matrimonial relationship. Keep this in mind when choosing a finger to wear your promise ring on. Choose any other finger or any finger on your right hand if, the ring does not imply anything matrimonial. A promise ring could also be worn on the thumb. 


What Are The Origins Of A Promise Ring?

Betrothals were common in ancient times, this practice related to a commitment to get engaged. Historians tell us that the practice of wearing promise rings, originated from betrothals. The practice was quite different from what we know to be an engagement today. Going by the Bible, a betrothal was a 'contract' that would be announced in public. A betrothal had legal implications, the parties to the contract could not walk away from it. Financial details and other issues would be clearly stated in the betrothal agreement. The actual marriage would take place at some point in the future, the lady was presented with a special ring on the occasion. These are the earliest record of the practice of wearing a  promise ring. 

If you have keen a interest in the history of jewelry, the gimmel ring is something that should interest you. Related in a way to the betrothal ring, gimmel rings are also a type of promise rings. As you would notice the meaning of promise rings, encompasses a wide range of rings - we hope to cover the major ones here. Back to gimmel rings, these are actually a set of rings - generally two or three. The rings that form a gimmel ring set, can be worn together or separately. The practice of wearing a gimmel ring started in the 16th century. During the betrothal ceremony, the gimmel rings would be separate and - one worn by the lady and the other by the man. And if the gimmel ring was set made up of three rings, the third ring would be worn by a person present at the ceremony - a witness to the happening. So the meaning of the gimmel rings  would imply, a promise to get engaged and married in the future. 

This report has provided an exhaustive explanation related to promise rings - the meaning of a promise ring should be quite clear by now. We might mention that, very few jewelers care to educate their buyers about the meaning, significance and history of the jewels that they craft or sell. At Kaisilver we believe that the story behind a jewel is as relevant and important as the jewel itself. We do hope that you have found the information to be useful and interesting. 

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