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VOLUME 001: A gorgeous pink sapphire ring, a floral design concept not seen often in sapphire jewelry. History's most meaningful jewel, the claddagh ring with tanzanite, a gem that is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. A sturdy men's garnet diamond ring, this time not with the familiar rare garnet. We feature the rare orange spessartite garnet gemstone. Shifting from jewelry, we give you a big tip about eating almonds ... more.

VOLUME 002: A scintillating blue sapphire and diamond ring, fit for a princess but wearing a very reasonable price tag. The belief that all good diamond rings should be expensive is really a myth, we present a 4mm round diamond ring, the below 2,000 U.S$ price tag should please you. In the men's section, a hefty ruby and diamond ring to last a lifetime and beyond. And how much should you spend on an engagement ring ... more