Gems And Jewels, The Essentials

The world of gemstones and jewelry is dynamic,  diverse and expensive.  Not even the most seasoned style guru can claim to know everything and be completely in the know. Kaisilver is located in Thailand, the heart of the global gems and jewelry markets. Our team is directly connected to gemstone mining centers and talented designers across the globe. We craft all types of fine jewelry in gold or 925 silver, we can work with designs provided by you or, modify any of our styles to suit your requirements. You are not restricted to any set of designs or gemstones, rest assured that you get the same quality standards for gold and silver jewelry. You can discuss your requirements or questions with our support experts at We welcome your comments, suggestions and queries even if, you choose to buy nothing from us. This section covers some interesting and useful topics related to  various aspects of gemstones and jewelry. 

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diamond band ring pair

A pair of diamond bands has special significance for wedding and engagement rings. Kaisilver experts explain that, it is fine to maintain a similar design concept while, choosing different gold colors and gems or diamonds for each ring ... more

custom pendants

Jewelry lovers who love pendants are believed to be have a quality conscious and artistic mindset. While this could be a subject to debate, Kaisilver has always taken quality seriously. Our custom pendants make an excellent style statement ... more.  

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