What Does Claddagh Mean 

An often asked question, this is a top query sent to the Kaisilver support team. Let us make this report as comprehensive as possible, this so that you get to know all about the term claddagh. A very basic explanation is that, Claddagh is the name of a small village in Ireland. The modern village was a small pretty fishing village centuries ago. With Kaisilver being the most preferred source for the historic claddagh ring, let us explain the meaning and significance of this amazing jewel. 

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The claddagh ring was first made around 4 centuries ago, it is related to the tiny fishing village in Ireland that we mentioned above. A humble fisherman named Robert Joyce lived in the village, the young man was in love with a wonderful lady from the same village. Robert would leave each morning along with his fellow fishermen to sail the rough and dangerous seas. On one eventful day, the boat in which the fishermen were sailing was attacked by pirates. The intruders plundered the ship and captured the occupants. Those were the days when slavery was common, the captives were sold as slaves by the pirates. Young Robert Joyce was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. 

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The above narration is important as it is relevant to the significance and meaning of the claddagh ring. Robert kept learning the techniques of making jewelry from his master, this without ever forgetting his beloved who lived in the claddagh village. As the days went by, the young man started to become depressed and this was something that could affect his work. He kept telling himself that he would soon be free and decided to make, something for the love in his life. 

Robert Joyce decided to use his newly learned skills and craft a ring for her. He wished for the ring to express his true feelings for his beloved. His dreams of being a free man came true in a couple of years, the young man was overjoyed and rushed back to his village - securely clutching the precious ring in his hand. He was thrilled to see that his beloved was still waiting for him after all these years. He gave her the ring and the couple walked home with applause from well wishers and neighbors. The story goes that the couple were soon married and lived happily together. 

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With a clear understanding of the background of the  claddagh ring, let us dive into the meaning and significance of this historic jewel. As time went by, the story of the claddagh ring spread far beyond the small fishing village. The interesting features of the claddagh ring, clearly spoke out Robert's feelings for his beloved. The ring has a heart in the center with a crown on top, two extended hands hold the heart. It is not tough to guess that, the heart depicted his love for her. The hands in the claddagh ring, signify friendship and togetherness. The crown in the ring symbolizes loyalty, something that was mutually demonstrated by the couple. 

The claddagh ring derives its meaning from the features of the ring combined with, the conditions and circumstances under which the first claddagh ring was crafted. Experts agree that the claddagh ring is one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver is widely accepted as the most preferred source, for finely custom crafted claddagh rings. Each gold or sterling silver claddagh ring crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans, retains all the features of the first ring crafted centuries ago. 

Kaisilver claddagh rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, with or without a gemstone. Each men's or women's claddagh ring is crafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. Both gold and silver rings receive the same care and attention during the crafting process - the same superior standards are maintained for both metals. There is no limitation on gemstone and all ring size requests can be accommodated. 

Quick Tips: The claddagh ring is often referred to as the 'hands, heart and crown ring' or the 'hands  clasping the heart ring'. The 'love' as depicted in the ancient ring, implies love in contexts that go far beyond matrimonial relationships. The ring is therefore suited for all occasions you could buy one for yourself, gift it to your daughter or son or choose a gorgeous handcrafted claddagh ring for dearest mom. Having said that, the historic jewel is perfectly suited for a wedding or engagement ring. While a gemstone can  add beauty and more meaning to the ring, the ring with no gem would also retain the entire meaning of the first ring made four centuries ago. 

Gemstone Tips: There is no limitation on your choice of gemstone for any Kaisilver jewel including, the claddagh ring. We should mention that, the original claddagh ring gets its meaning from the features (heart, crown, hands) of the ring. The first ring did not have any gemstone. The option to add a heart shaped gem in the claddagh ring, was started by Kaisilver. The fact is that, you can add meaning to your ring by picking specific gemstones. Choose your favorite gem, or ask for advice of all available gems with a specific gem color eg. blue, green, red etc. You could pick a birthstone, in case of gift choose the birthstone of the intended receiver. A pair of claddagh rings could be ordered as 'his and hers' rings to mark a wedding or engagement. In such a case, it is an excellent idea to exchange birthstones in the rings. 

How To Order: Kaisilver claddagh rings are fully customized, you can order your a ring in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. Sterling silver claddagh rings are crafted to the same high quality standards as the gold rings. Prices for 10k claddagh rings can be provided on requests. 

As discussed above, the meaning of the claddagh ring is fully embodied within each gold or 925 silver Kaisilver claddagh ring. Requests for all gem options and ring sizes can be accommodated. You need not be limited to what is mentioned on our websites. Claddagh rings with the entire meaning retained, can also be made with no gemstone in the center. These rings would have a gold or silver heart (depending on metal selected). 

While claddagh rings for men and women have the same essential features, men's rings are provided  with larger dimensions and significantly more metal weight. This to make them look impressive and deliver more durability. 

Discuss your requirements with Kaisilver experts at sales@kaisilver.com before making a buy decision. Do not be in a hurry to confirm the order and make payment before, all your questions have been answered. 

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