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A claddagh tourmaline ring is generally, crafted with a green tourmaline gem. The RG232 Kaisilver tourmaline gem claddagh ring, showcases a gorgeous pink toumaline gem. While pink and green colors of tourmaline are undoubtedly popular, the gem is naturally found in a spectrum of colors. A tourmlaline claddagh ring, could be ordered with a yellow, pink, green, yellow or blue tourmaline gemstone. Since Kaisilver places no limitation on gem selection, you can pick a tourmaline gem in any color for your claddagh ring. The gem in your claddagh ring will be a natural and certified gemstone. 

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Most gem experts agree that tourmaline got its name from the Sri Lankan word 'turmali' - which means colorful. The Sri Lankans believed that, tourmaline fell from the heavens above! They were further convinced that, the got its colors as it passed through the rainbow - on its way down to earth. 

Pink tourmaline is a sturdy gem and is designated as the birthstone for October. This month has two birthstones - opal and tourmaline. The claddagh ring set with a birthstone of the wearer makes a tremendous birthstone ring. The color range for pink tourmaline gems range from, pastel pink and then into the more pronounced pink shades. At one end of the spectrum would be the purplish pink tourmaline. You might come across a reddish color tourmaline - gem traders refer to the gem as rubelite. This is the reddish variety of tourmaline and should not be confused,  with ruby - a totally different gemstone. 

Since we are on the topic of tourmaline colors, we should make a mention of black tourmaline. It is not very rare for Kaisilver, to get queries for black tourmaline rings and this includes claddagh rings with the black tourmaline gemstone. Sometimes referred to as schorl, black tourmaline unlike most other tourmaline colors, is not very durable. Them poses challenges right from the mining and cutting and polishing phase. Without getting into technical jargon, suffice it to say that the gem is rather brittle and tends to disintegrate. And once set in a black tourmaline ring, the gem needs a significant amount of care and caution. Let us know if you need black tourmaline in your jewel and the support team, at will get back with information and suggestions. 

Highlights Claddagh Ring:

  • Finely handcrafted in Thailand,  gold or sterling silver.
  • Shipped across the globe, all ring sizes available. 
  • Same superior standards for gold and silver claddagh.
  • All gem options, not  gem selection restriction.
  • Gorgeous with in-built  durability features. 
  • Retains all essential features of the historic claddagh.
  • Option for natural diamonds in the crown. 
  • Gemstone 7-8mm heart, natural and certified.
  • Minimum metal weight is 10 to 12 grams. 
  • Heavier and impressive design for men's claddagh.
  • All design modifications can be accommodated. 


One great thing about pink tourmaline is that the gem, pairs well with all metal colors. Kaisilver maintains the same superior standars, for the gold and silver claddagh ring. You could order the pink tourmaline claddagh ring in gold or sterling silver. And if you choose the gold claddagh ring, make a choice from 10k, 14k and 18k, white, yellow or pink gold. We would generally recommend a 14k ring, this as 14k gold makes the right balance between gold content and metal hardness. But like always, we leave the final decision to you. 

The claddagh ring has a four century old history, the ring is widely regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history. The classic design of this historic ring, seems to get an added dose of romance when crafted in sterling silver. A silver pink tourmaline ring would show signs of tarnish after a while but fortunately, cleaning a tarnished silver tourmaline gemstone ring does not pose any major challenge. Just make sure that you get to the cleaning process, the moment the tarnish discoloration makes an appearance. Tourmaline is tough enough to put up with, standard silver jewelry cleaning procedures. Make sure that you give the silver ring a thorough rinse, in clean running water once the cleaning is done. This will ensure that any residue from the cleaning agents, does not remain stuck to the metal or the gemstone. 

Related to a silver tourmaline ring with pink tourmaline, we make a quick mention about so called 'anti-tarnish' platings used on silver jewelry. Through the years a number of procedures and materials, have been applied to plate silver jewelry. The narrative is that, a plated silver ring would not tarnish. While it is true that the pink tourmaline silver claddagh ring, would not tarnish if plated - there is an important piece of information that is withheld. Any plating done on silver will wear off with time, the wear off will happen in patches. At that point, it will be extremely tough to clean the ring as it tarnishes. You can visualize why this is the case - tarnish will start to appear on those portions where the plating has worn off. It is for this reason that we recommend that, silver rings be left unplated. But if you still prefer to have your silver claddagh ring plated, let us know and we will do it for you. 


Your choice of a gem need not be limited to what is shown in the table below. Let us know the gemstone that you prefer for your claddagh ring and we will procure it for you. The table below mentions 14k and 18k claddagh rings, request for a price quote if you prefer to have a 10k claddagh gemstone ring. It is possible to craft a ring with no center gem, in that case the entire ring would including the heart, would be made in gold or silver. We offer a choice of white, yellow or pink gold. All ring sizes are available since each ring is fully custom made. 

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More Gem Suggestions: Spessartite Garnet priced in the second category of gems referred to in the table. Red, pink or blue spinel also priced in the second category of gems. Rubelite which is a reddish variety of tourmaline is also available and priced in the second category of gems. Let us know if you need a gem not mentioned in the list. 


We did mention above that the claddagh ring has a history that dates back to over four centuries. While each Kaisilver claddagh ring is finely handcrafted and retains, all the meaning and significance of the first claddagh ring made centuries ago - the story behind the ring will further add to the value and meaning of the jewel. A glance at the RG232 claddagh pink tourmaline ring, would attract your attention to the features of the jewel. The first claddagh was made by an Irish fisherman turned slave, the young man named Robert Joyce made the ring to express, his true love for his beloved. The story goes back to 4 centuries ago and a small fishing village in Ireland named Claddagh. You now know how the ring got its name! The important thing is that, the ring was made at a time when Robert was still involved in the rigorous life of a slave. He dreamed of giving the ring to his beloved once he was freed from slavery. 

The features on the tourmaline claddagh ring, hold the true meaning of the historic jewel. The heart in the center depicts love, the hands are held out in friendship or togetherness and the crown, signifies loyalty. The meaning of these features are simple to comprehend if you understand that, Robert Joyce wished to express his true love for his beloved, through the features of the ring. The story says that Robert was freed from slavery a few years later. He went back to his village with the ring and was overjoyed to see that, his beloved was still waiting for him. He gave her the ring and the couple were soon married and settled down in the village of Claddagh. The touching story behind the ring soon spread and centuries later, the claddagh ring is one of the most respected and sought after jewel. Check out the more detailed Claddagh Meaning Report


We have focused on tourmaline and more specifically pink tourmaline, when talking about the RG232 claddagh gemstone ring. However Kaisilver can accommodate requests for gems from across the globe, putting it simple, we place no restriction on your choice of gemstone - this applies  to all the jewelry that we craft. So you could choose the same design of this claddagh tourmaline ring but, request for the gem to be the one selected by you. Kaisilver procures gems from mining centers all over the world, each gem is closely inspected and certified before it is custom cut in Thailand. The price table on this web page provides a fairly long list of gem options, your choice need not be restricted to what is mentioned on the table or the website. 

A few quick notes about gem selection for your gold or silver ring. If you happen to be picking a gem based on your favorite gem color, it might help to discuss with our experts. This because many different gems could have the same base color. Prices and durability could vary widely, it would therefore help to know your options. For example while pink tourmaline could be one choice for a pink gem claddagh ring - other natural pink gems could include pink sapphire, rose quartz, kunzite, pink zircon (natural), pink spinel etc. Another example would be a green gemstone, a green tourmaline claddagh ring is just one choice. Your choice for other (natural) green gems could include peridot, green jade, malachite, crysophrase, green sapphire, moldavite, tsavorite etc. We really cannot cover all or even a few of your gem options here, it is therefore a good idea to communicate with our support team, email them on the address provided below this report. 


The 3 diamonds in the crown of the RG232 tourmaline claddagh ring are optional. These are natural diamonds and not lab created substitutes. The price of the ring will be adjusted in case, you decide to leave the diamonds out of the design. A suggestion from our style experts - if you happen to be choosing the claddagh pink tourmaline ring or a claddagh ring in general, as a wedding or engagement ring - consider retaining the diamonds in the crown. All the claddagh rings shown on our websites, can be ordered with or without diamonds in the crown. Let us know if you prefer gemstones instead of diamonds in  the crown. 


Most jewelers would not care to talk about durability when, it comes to buying jewelry. Investing in a finely crafted jewel like the pink tourmaline heart ring, should be done after being assured of various high end features. Handcrafted by some of Thailand's best jewelry artisans, the RG232 claddagh ring looks awesome. What might not be immediately noticeable, are features that add to the durability and wearing comfort of the ring. Beginning with bezel setting for the center gem - bordering the entire gem with metal (gold or silver), this is the setting type that offers the most secure gem setting. Set in this way, the gemstone is also more protected from side impact. 

The minimum metal weight for this claddagh tourmaline ring is 10 grams, bigger ring sizes could go as high as 12 to 15 grams. We do know how to design and craft similar rings with a much lower weight but, such a step would compromise on the long term durability of your claddagh gemstone ring. The inner portion of the band is left un-scooped, this to ensure that the ring does not bend or deform easily. Rings with an optimized metal weight are also more comfortable to wear.

We talked a bit about gem hardness and durability in previous paragraphs, a short recap here. The durability of a claddagh gem ring would obviously be influenced (to a certain extent) by the gem type selected. Talking specifically about the RG232 pink tourmaline ring, the good news is that tourmaline in all colors (except black) is tough with impressive durability. Discuss your specific gem interest with our support team for useful tips and suggestions. 

A final note about durability of your claddagh pink tourmaline ring, or any other jewel for that matter. It is not advisable to wear your jewelry in environments where, it can be struck by physical impact. Exposing your ring to extreme heat or strong chemicals and detergents, could affect the gem and the metal. 


Whether it is your Kaisilver gold or silver claddagh ring with pink tourmaline (or other gem), rest assured that the ring is expertly crafted - suited for both formal and informal wear. It is also important to understand that the interpretation of love (heart) in the historic jewel, is not limited to matrimonial love. You could buy the ring for yourself or gift it to someone special. The claddagh ring is one of the very popular choices when it comes to mothers rings. Consider gifting the pink tourmaline ring to your daughter, as a graduation gift. Promise rings are worn with a specific purpose in mind, the claddagh ring is ideally suited for such a ring. Kaisilver crafts promise rings in gold and silver, your design or ours. 

Symbolizing love, togetherness and loyalty the claddagh ring, can be worn as a wedding or engagement ring. In a deeper sense love, loyalty and togetherness are essential for any relationship to survive. When it comes to such special occasion rings, it is not uncommon for couples to choose gold claddagh rings with gems like ruby, sapphire or emerald. In recent years tanzanite claddagh rings, have also gained popularity as matrimonial jewels. 

We could never end this talk about claddagh ring suitability, without mentioning birthstones. We did talk about tourmaline being the birthstone for the month of October, this along with opal. The birthstone charts list one or more birthstone, for each of the 12 months. A birthstone ring is a special jewel, the belief is that all of us make a special connection to our birthstone - this based on the month in which we were born. While there is no limitation on the selection of ring design for your birthstone ring, it would not be wrong to say that the claddagh ring, would add meaning and significance to the ring. A birthstone claddagh ring could also be chosen for a mother's ring, graduation ring or an engagement and wedding ring. Since you could pick any gem for the RG232 claddagh tourmaline ring, consider choosing your own birthstone. Wedding and engagement birthstone claddagh rings, can also be crafted by exchanging birthstones. We have included the birthstone charts below this webpage, to help you check your special gem.  

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How To Order: Whether it is the RG232 pink tourmaline claddagh ring that interests you or any other jewel, discuss details with our experts at  make sure that you have all the information that you need to make a decision. Saying this because what you will be getting is a finely crafted custom made jewel. There is no restriction on design or gemstone, we can work with your design or ours. We craft all types of jewelry in Thailand and ship across the globe - rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks,, bangles etc. Gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. Any jewel from our website can be ordered in gold or silver, your choice of gemstone and dimensions. All design modification requests can be accommodated. 

There is a 4 to 5 week production lead time from the date of, order confirmation and receipt of payment. While payment can be made through Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer - we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know your preferred mode of payment and we will provide details for the same. 

Shipping will be through Fedex with web tracking, while we try to bear the shipping charges in many cases - we will let you know about your specific case before, the payment process begins. 

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