Gold And Silver Rings Made To Order

Kaisilver made to order rings offer a high degree of personalization. You could pick a gold or sterling silver ring from our web sites and request for it to be customized to your liking. We are equally comfortable creating a unique one of a kind piece based on your own design concept. With no limitation on design and no restrictions on gem selection, we offer a degree of customization that no other jeweler can match. When you choose Kai Silver for your made to order ring, you are assured of superior quality standards irrespective of the metal selected. We are directly networked to the world's largest mining sources and utilize the services, of Thailand's finest gem artisans. Relying on craftsmen with decades of experiences, each gold or silver ring gets complete attention to detail. Email our team of experts at with any queries or requirements that you might have. We urge you to take advantage of our expertise no matter, from where you ultimately plan to buy your ring. Few jewelers care or dare, to provide the level of in depth information and guidance that we do. 

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cat rings

The extremely popular Kaisilver cat ring, made to order in all ring sizes. You choose the gemstone and request for a gold or 925 sterling silver. Amazing detail and awesome craftsmanship, great for a self purchase or as a cat lover's gift ... more

diamond gold or silver ring

This diamond ring brings together awesome look, a sturdy construction and a very reasonable price point. Perfect for men and ladies, you can order the Kaisilver diamond ring in gold or silver. Design modifications can be accommodated ... more

aquamarine ring for men

Aquamarine rings are popular with both men and women. The pastel blue color of the gemstone exudes confidence and style without, yelling out a statement. The MAN06 men's aquamarine ring from Kaisilver, is crafted in gold or 925 silver ... more

Opal has been known for many centuries, the unique property of  opals to show a color play effect make these gems very special. Kaisilver presents a high end opal and diamond ring in gold or silver. Learn more about the gem and this ring ... more

men's rings made to order

Made to order rings for men, bringing together impressive styles, skilled artisanship and long term durability. Kaisilver men's rings can be ordered in silver or gold, there is no restriction on metal (gold or silver), gemstone, design or ring size ... more

diamond engagement ring

With the more liberal mindset of modern day couples, diamond engagement rings are becoming more gorgeous, more varied and more enjoyable. The RG210 custom engagement diamond ring from Kaisilver, is one not-to-miss jewel ... more

diamond rings

Diamond rings are exclusive jewels, these rings are often reserved for exclusive occasions. We talk about the MAN65 diamond ring for men. This sturdy ring provides some excellent options for you to choose from. Review the complete report ... more

claddagh ring custom made

The Kaisilver claddagh ring is widely acclaimed as the best and most accurate rendering of the historic ring first made 4 centuries ago. We offer 925 sterling silver and gold claddagh rings for men and women with, the gemstone of your choice ... more

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