Cat Rings Custom Made

Animal jewelry is very popular with both men and women, there are a few animals that dominate these designs. Women seem to adore cats, the silent and quiet habits of this feline creature seem to impress them. Most cat lovers own not one but, quite a collection of cats at their home. The Kaisilver cat ring is sure to please every woman, it is quite, well crafted and can be ordered with a gemstone of your choice. You could surely buy one for yourself but, don't forget that it also makes an awesome gift. 


gemstone cat ring with amethyst

Made To Order Cat Ring With Amethyst

aquamarine gemstone ring

Cat Ring Gold Or Silver With Aquamarine

The amazing thing about this cat ring is that, it is suitable for ladies and girls of all ages. You could buy a sterling silver or gold cat ring for your daughter, gift one to your loving mother and wear one yourself. Since each cat ring is custom made, requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated without a problem. All gemstones are natural and custom cut, your gem selection need not be limited to what you see on our website. Notice the intricate details on the ring, this showcases the skills of some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. 

cat ring with gemstone citrine

Gemstone Cat Ring Custom Made 

fire opal ring cat from kaisilver

Cat Ring With Fire Opal Gemstone Kaisilver

Highlights Of The Cat Ring:

  • Custom made in 14k, 18k gold and 925 sterling silver. 
  • Uniform quality standards for both metal options. 
  • No limitation on gemstone selection. 
  • The eyes of the cat are set with marcasite stones. 
  • The Kaisilver cat ring is custom made in all ring sizes. 
  • You can choose yellow, white, pink gold for the gold cat ring. 
  • We recommend no plating for the 925 silver cat ring. 
  • The gemstone in the center is a 6x4mm oval gem.
  • Design modifications can be accommodated. 
  • You can request for a custom ring with a larger gem. 
rubelite gemstone ring 925 silver or gold

Cat Gemstone Ring With Rubelite

kaisilver custom ring with garnet

Custom Ring With Garnet Gemstone 

cat ring with tanzanite gemstone

Cute Cat Ring With Tanzanite Gemstone

white opal ring made to order

Made To Order Cat Ring With White Opal

Gem Selection: To begin with, there is no restriction on the gem selection. You can request for any gemstone even if, it is not shown or mentioned on our website. Here are a few tips on gem selection for your cat gemstone ring. Most of us love choosing gemstones based on our color preference. If you plan to do this you should know that, many gem types could have the same base color. For example blue topaz, sapphire, aquamarine and tanzanite are all blue. Shades and tones can differ but, the basic color remains the same. You can discuss your queries and requirements with the Kaisilver support team. 

You might want to select a gemstone based on the birthstone charts. The practice of wearing a birthstone began centuries ago, we today have an international birthstone chart that is followed by all jewelers. Many people believe in the special properties of gemstones, this could form the basis of gem selection for a gold or 925 silver cat ring. For example, it is believed that wearing a garnet stimulates creativity and confidence. 

As mentioned in the ring highlights above, the Kaisilver cat ring has a 6x4mm oval gemstone. You could request for a larger gemstone, or have the eyes replaced with gems of your choice. Each ring is custom made and each stone cut to perfection, we can therefore accommodate any design update that you need. 

Pricing And Options For The Kaisilver Cat Ring

gemstone cat ring pricing

How To Buy: We do not believe in all those 'Buy Now', 'Express Buy' online gimmicks. Take your time to look around, contact our experts at with any questions that you might have. Consider making a purchase after you have all the information you need. We can custom make your cat ring, with any design modification that you desire. For example, you could choose black sapphires instead of marcasite for the eyes. You might want to go for a larger 7x5mm oval (regular 6x4mm) gemstone. 

The production lead time is 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We accept Paypal and Western Union as modes of payment, Paypal is recommended for first time buyers. Let us know which is your preferred mode of payment and we will provide details for the same. Shipping will be through FEDEX with web tracking. You will be provided with shipping charge details before you confirm the order, we will need to know the shipping destination to calculate charges. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Regarded as the leading online source for high end custom made jewelry, we craft all types of jewels in gold or 925 sterling silver. Our connections with gemstone miners and gem cutting houses across the world, give us preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gemstones. There is no gemstone that we cannot procure for you as long as, it is available on this planet. Extremely talented designers create design concepts that are crafted by Thailand's finest artisans and craftsmen. Quality standards for workmanship, gems and design concepts remain the same for both gold and silver jewelry. You can also send us your own designs to be custom made, discuss details with the team at More than 10,000 quality conscious jewelry lovers spread across 17 nations trust us for their gemstone and jewelry requirements.