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The story of the claddagh ring, the history and tradition attached to gorgeous citrine and more - this report cannot be short, pardon us for that. Kaisilver believes in educating and informing gem and jewelry lovers, the selling activity is secondary to this process. We might mention that, no other jeweler either online or offline would care to provide the detailed information that we do. So please sit back and revel in the scintillating story of one of history's most meaningful jewels - the four century old claddagh ring. Just a quick  note to let you know that, each Kai Silver cladagh ring is finely handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand. Both gold and silver claddagh cirtine rings are crafted to the same superior standards. You can pick the gem of your choice - no limitations on gem selection. We also have a much heavier and larger version of the ring, perfectly suited for men. 

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Citrine Gem: The history and tradition attached to citrine is not new, the yellow quartz has been touted as the gemstone for brightness, enlightenment and prosperity for centuries. Merchants in many parts of Asia even today, wear a citrine gemstone ring with the belief that it helps attract wealth. Ancient people believed that, the yellow gem captured the vibrant powers of the sun. Citrine is a sturdy gem and should have little problem looking after itself. Quartz formations in nature have withstood violent weather changes, volcanoes and earthquakes for millions of years. The heart shaped citrine gem in  your claddagh ring, would have been formed no less than 500 million to a billion years ago. Quartz in its purest form is white (colorless) but when, surrounding elements get mixed with quartz during the formation phase - the resulting crystal gets colored as a result of the elements. Crystal therapists recommend wearing citrine for improving concentration, self esteem and success in business or profession. On the other hand white quartz is believed to have a unique (metaphysical) property, it is believed that white quartz crystal enhances the power of all other crystals. Let's keep in mind that these 'qualities' are largely based on  customs and ancient folklore. 

Claddagh Ring: Now let's get deeper into  the claddagh citrine ring, a gorgeous jewel with tremendous meaning and significance. At first glance the RG154 might appear to be a simple citrine ring or a citrine heart ring but, take a second look and the intriguing features of the ring will strike your mind. The story behind the ring and the interesting features, will impress both the historian and the style conscious jewelry lover. Spending months in Ireland where, the first claddagh ring was made more than 4 centuries ago, Kaisilver experts unearthed the tremendous story of love, sacrifice, loyalty and togetherness. It is important to understand that, the true meaning of this Irish ring is bestowed in its features. We say this because, the gold or sterling silver claddagh ring has the same degree of meaning. Kai silver offers an unlimited selection of gemstones to choose from, your selection need not be limited to what is described or shown on our web resources. This obviously means that, you could order the claddagh citrine ring by, requesting for any gem of your choice.  


The price for the white, yellow or pink gold ring remains the same. Request for a price if you prefer to have a 10k claddagh ring. There is no limitation on gem selection, we will work out a specific price quote if your gemstone choice is not in  the table below. We also craft larger and heavier cladagh rings for men. You can also order a solid gold or silver cladagh, with no gem. There is an option for 3 diamonds in the crown, (1.5mm 2 pieces and 2mm 1 piece). The additional cost for that option is just $150. 

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Claddagh Story: This would undoubtedly be the most meaningful citrine gemstone ring even in the most esteemed jewelry collection. Wear your claddagh ring and every style or jewelry expert, would recognize your sophisticated and refined taste for jewelry. The claddagh story dates back to four centuries and relates to small Irish fishing village named Claddagh - in Ireland. A young fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce was one day, captured on the high seas by pirates. Sold to a wealthy goldsmith Robert was forced to learn the trade, it was really not the drudgery of slavery that depressed the young man. Thinking about his beloved who he had to leave behind in the Cladagh village, Robert decided to make something that would truly express his love for her. Bettering his goldsmithing skills he soon started to craft a ring, one that would hold the true significance of his love for the woman in his life. Years later Robert Joyce was freed from slavery. Going back to his village while carefully securing the precious ring - he was truly overjoyed to see that his beloved was still waiting for him. He presented her the ring and it was to be their engagement ring, the couple was soon married and set up family in the village. As decades and centuries passed by, the story of the ring spread through the village and then beyond the shores of Ireland. The features of the ring which always intrigued viewers, soon began to be understood in their true perspective. The ring came to be known as the claddagh ring, named after the village in which Robert and his beloved lived. Often referred to as the hands, crown and heart ring - the ring symbolized love (heart), togetherness (hands) and loyalty (crown). Word of the touching story became known across the globe, the ring gained international reputation. 

The Kai Silver claddagh ring with a citrine or any gem of your choice, is finely handcrafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. The same quality standards are maintained for the gold or 925 silver claddagh ring. So how did the world's most meaningful jewel, come to be crafted to the highest standards by Kasilver in Thailand - we do owe you a clear explanation. The ring itself was first made (by Robert Joyce) in Ireland around 4 centuries ago. It was roughly 2 decades ago when, a team of Kaisilver experts landed in Ireland. With an objective to understand the story, tradition and significance behind the claddagh ring - the team visited historians, professors and also some of the most resourceful Irish libraries. We unearthed to claddagh history bit by bit,  thanks to the untiring efforts of the Irish people. A few months later,  the team left Ireland with fond memories of a wonderful country and its hospitable people. Piecing the information together once back in  Thailand Kaisilver jewelry experts, conducted long sessions with the finest jewelry artisans in Thailand. The idea was to pass on the truly amazing history of the ring to the talented men and women, who would actually craft each claddagh ring. Each Kaisilver claddagh ring is handcrafted to high quality standards and retains all, the essential features of the first ring made centuries ago. We are today regarded as the world's preferred choice for this tremendous jewel, thousands of knowledgeable jewelry lovers across the globe, proudly wear a Kaisilver handcrafted claddagh - lovingly crafted by a dedicated team. 

Highlights Of The Claddagh Ring:

  • Finely handcrafted in gold or 925 silver, to the same superior quality standards.
  • Gemstone is a heart 7mm of your choice,  no restriction on gem selection. 
  • Ring can also be ordered with no gemstone, complete ring in gold or silver. 
  • Since each ring is fully custom made, requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated. 
  • The claddagh gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold.
  • Pricing for 10k white, yellow or pink gold cladagh rings can be provided on requested.
  • Option for 3 diamonds in the crown (2 diamonds of size 1.5mm and 1 diamond of size 2mm). 
  • The minimum metal weight of the ring is 10 grams, larger rings could require a higher weight. 

Silver Or Gold: We did mention a couple of times that your Kai Silver citrine claddagh ring, would have the same superior quality standards - irrespective of the metal (gold or silver) that you choose. So should you order a gold or 925 silver claddagh gemstone ring. We would like to leave that decision entirely to you assuring you that, the silver or gold claddagh ring would have the same significance and meaning. We did explain that the meaning of this historic jewel is embodied in the design features (hands, heart and crown) and not in  the metal or price tag. The citrine gold ring could be ordered in 18k, 14k or 10k gold and you have a choice of yellow, pink or white gold to choose from. Request for a price quote if you would prefer to have a 10k claddagh ring. One thing that would need to be kept in mind when picking a silver claddagh ring is that gems like emerald, opal, blue lapis and turquoise - might need some degree of care when the ring is being cleaned or polished. You can always discuss these issues with our experts, contact details are provided below. We will be glad to help even if you decide to purchase nothing from us. 

If you choose a claddagh silver ring with citrine or any gem of your choice, we would suggest that you do not go for a plating of any type on the silver. While jewelers would vouch for the anti-tarnish properties of various platings done on silver jewelry, the only truth is that ALL these platings will wear off after a while. This wear off will happen in patches, this also means that the tarnish would happen in  patches. Polishing and cleaning the ring in this condition, can be tough. A simpler and easier way is to leave, your silver claddagh un-plated. At the slightest signs of tarnish, use any jewelry grade cleaning lotion, fabric or cream to polish the silver ring and take away the tarnish. Remember to thoroughly rinse the ring after the polishing process - this will take away any chemical residue that the polishing agent, might have left on the silver or the gemstone. We generally do not recommend jewelry cleaning sprays. This is because sprays make it tough to protect the gemstone from coming into contact with the spray. Opinions differ on this but, our focus is on ensuring that your jewelry and gems stay safe. 

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Gems And Birthstones: We should mention here that the first cladagh ring made by Robert Joyce four centuries ago, did not have a gemstone. The ring was all gold which means that, the heart itself was crafted in gold. Kaisilver style experts decided that, the addition of a handpicked custom cut gem in a heart shape - could not only add to the beauty of the ring but also, to its meaning. For example we explained above that, the gem in the RG154 citrine gemstone ring is believed to attract wealth, prosperity and brightness - this for those who believe in the metaphysical powers of gems and crystals. There are similar properties attached to other gems, sapphire for example symbolizes sincerity and faith, diamond signifies eternal love etc. Even those who do not  believe in crystal therapy, their are 'favorite' gems and 'preferred' gems. When you order a Kaisilver gemstone claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver, there is no limitation on gemstone. Your choice is not restricted to the gems shown on our online resources.  

We come to one of the ancient beliefs that is followed even today - that of birthstones. Said to have originated from Aaron's breastplate (thousands of years ago), birthstones are today defined based on the month in which a person was born. The concept of birthstone rings has a much bigger following than that, compared with crystal therapy followers. The underlying belief in birthstones is that, we all make a special connect with a gem that happens to be our birthstone. It is a great idea order a claddagh gem ring with your birthstone, you can refer to the above birthstone charts and pick your special gem. 

How To Order: Whether it is a citrine ring or any other jewel that you are looking for, we encourage you to discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts at Do not be in a hurry to rush your order, make sure that you have all your questions answered. Ask as many questions as you wish, it really does not matter if you finally to choose to work with another jeweler. Our main objective is to keep you fully informed and educated. We craft all types of jewelry, you can pick our design or send us your own design sketch or image. 

Since each jewel is fully custom made and meticulously handcrafted by skilled Thai artisans, there is a 4 to 5 week production period - this from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We accept Paypal and Western Union as modes of payment but, strongly recommend Paypal for first time buyers. You can let us know your preferred mode of payment and we will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Besides crafting the world's finest rendition of the historic claddagh ring, we also craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver. The same premium quality standards are maintained for both metal options. You can order a ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet or cufflinks with your design or ours. There is no limitation on gemstones, your selection need not be restricted to what is shown on our websites. We today serve over 12,000 clients located in 15 nations. Get in touch with our team at  if you have any queries related to gems or jewelry, we will be glad to help. 

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