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In this report we answer a number of questions frequently aske about, one of the rarest gemstones of all time - tanzanite. The idea is to keep you well informed about this gorgeous gemstone mined in Tanzania. 

1) How did Tanzanite get's its name? The mineral name for this gemstone is zoisite. When Tiffany's the famous jeweler, set out to do publicity for gem quality zoisite, the impression was that the word zoisite sounded likely the English word 'suicide'. It was therefore decided to call the gem tanzanite - since it was first found in Tanzania.

tanzanite gemstone information

The image effectively summarizes important facts related to tanzanite gemstones. This report contains more detailed information on tanzanite, a must read report for all gemstone and jewelry lovers. The gem is often paired with diamonds. Report by Kaisilver experts. 

rough tanzanite

Rough tanzanite is commercially mined only in a tiny stretch of land in Tanzania - at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Found with a murky brownish or dark green color, the gem is heated to bring out the violet-blue color tones. Kaisilver procures the gem from miners. 

2) Were is Tanzanite found? When was Tanzanite first found? Tanzanite has been commercially mined in just one place on the planet. Located at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, there is a small stretch of land that houses, all the tanzanite in the world. This has earned tanzanite the title of being the 'one source' gemstone. Tanzanite was first spotted in the year 1967, this when compared to many other gemstones is fairly recent. Important to understand that tanazanite would have been formed millions of years ago, much like ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. But the fact that it is found in just one remote location on the planet, kept it out of human reach for a very long time. 

3) Are tanzanite gems treated? Tanzanite rough as it forms, has a darkish brown or greenish color. Simply put, rough tanzanite when mined and cleaned, appears no where near the gorgeous violet-blue color, that is seen in global markets. Rough tanzanite is heated to improve its color, this is when you see that magical violet-blue color. You might across sellers who claim that, some of the tanzanite gems that they have - have never been treated in any way. Firstly it is only a thorough test report from a reputed gem testing lab, that can confirm that there are no signs of the gem being heated. Experts confirm that tanzanite gems that have a blue-violet or violet-blue tint when mined - without being treated are very rare. These gems are thought to have been heated by some natural process, this in the environment that they were formed or found. From our experience in gemstones, it is our opinion that such naturally colored tanzanite gems, do not have that rich color saturation that, comes with heating rough tanzanite. 

tanzanite heart ring claddagh

A gorgeous tanzanite heart ring from Kaisilver. The most meaningful jewel in  history, the claddagh ring was first made more than 4 centuries ago. The tanzanite gem in this historic jewel, adds beauty and style to this ring. Custom made in gold or silver, all gem options ... more

tanzanite gemstone ring custom

The irresistible  beauty of tanzanite is appreciated across age, gender and geographical location. Suitable for both men and women, tanzanite looks awesome gold or silver rings. Men's tanzanite gemstone rings, would obviously have a bigger and bolder look. Check details ... more

4) Is tanzanite durable? Important to understand that all gems, should not be exposed to  strong heat, chemicals or detergents. It is never a wise idea to wear jewelry with tanzanite or any other gemstones, in environments where the jewels can be struck by physical impact. Tanzanite is not as tough as ruby or sapphire but, it is no more fragile than emerald or opals. Each natural gemstone is gorgeous in its own right and so is tanzanite. Understanding the properties and features of a gem, will allow you to better look after the gem. You are always welcome to communicate with Kaisilver experts at and get answers to all your questions and doubts. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us. 

5) Is tanzanite rarer than diamond? Diamonds are found in over a dozen countries. Diamond mining or the collection of diamonds from riverbeds, happens in at least 20 points on  the globe. Compare this with the fact that all the tanzanite in the world, is concentrated in one small stretch of land near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Experts are quite sure that, tanzanite is very much rarer than diamonds - most put the comparison at - tanzanite being around 1,000 times rarer than diamonds! 

white gold diamond and tanzanite ring

While  the demand for tanzanite and diamond rings is quite high, the diamonds should ideally allow the beauty of the rare and exotic tanzanite gemstone to take center stage. Understanding related information about tanzanite, will help you better appreciate the beauty of the gem ... more.  

tanzanite gold ring for men

Tanzanite is not a fragile gemstone but, it is always a good idea for a ring to provide advanced features to protect the gem from damage. The MAN61 tanzanite gem ring for men, os built to be durable and long lasting. A heavy ring with natural diamonds add value to this men's ring ... more

6) Which is the best tanzanite color? As mentioned above tanzanite has a violet-blue color - here are some important points related to the color of tanzanite. The color in tanzanite could be dominated by blue or violet. This means that the gem could at times a violet-blue color shade, this when the blue is more prominent and a violet tint comes in as a secondary color tone. A blue-violet tanzanite gem could be the opposite - this when, the tanzanite gem has more violet and a tint of blue. There was a time when jewelry lovers preferred tanzanite with a stronger blue color tone. Gemstone knowledge has significantly increased in the last decade. We now see seasoned jewelry lovers, giving equal importance to tanzanite in all color shades. The results can be seen in a significant levelling out of tanzanite prices across all color ranges. 

7) Light, medium and deep color tanzanite: We spoke about the color of tanzanite gems in the above paragraph, we now talk about tanzanite color saturation. Explaining in simple terms, color saturation refers to the 'amount' of color that a gemstone has. This would be referred to as a light, medium  or deep colored gemstone. Light or pale colored tanzanite is generally, not very popular when it comes to high end jewelry. While some jewelry lovers show a preference for deep (dark) colored tanzanite, you need to be aware of few facts. Very deep colored tanzanite absorbs most of the light, that enters the gem. You therefore will not see much of sparkle - this is when the light that enters the gem, reflects on the inner facets and gets thrown out of the top of the gemstone. Remember we said that most of the light that enters a dark colored tanzanite gem, gets absorbed by the gemstone. This brings us to tanzanite gems with a medium color. This color saturation, delivers the right degree of color and sparkle. Kaisilver experts recommend medium saturated tanzanite gems but, we leave the final choice to you. We should mention here that, deep or dark colored tanzanite gems generally command a premium price. When ordering a tanzanite ring or other jewelry with tanzanite, you can specify your choice of light, medium or deep colored tanzanite gemstones. 

tanzanite gold ring

Not often that you will come across such finely crafted tanzanite rings. Designed and crafted by expert artisans in Thailand, each Kaisilver tanzanite gemstone ring is fully custom made. You can request for design modifications and also, send us your own design concept ... more

men's gemstone ring gold or silver with tanzanite

Men prefer to wear big heavy rings, gemstone rings for men are expected to have large gemstones. This is something that can put a premium on price when, the gem selected is tanzanite. The MAN137 men's ring design has large dimensions but is reasonably priced ... more

8) Is tanzanite a birthstone? If so, for which month? Remember that tanzanite as mentioned above, was first noticed in fairly recent times - 1967 to be precise. Without a long history, tanzanite was really not on the zodiac birthstone list or the birthstone list based on the 12 months of the year. No doubt that the high pitched marketing blitz from Tiffany's, the well known jeweler - shot tanzanite to fame in a short span of time. Being a recent find, tanzanite does not have much history and folklore attached to it. Tiffany's tanzanite marketing narrative, focused on the beauty and rarity of the gemstone. Gem experts could just not ignore the amazing speed with which, tanzanite rose to fame - this in a significantly short span of time. This prompted experts to edit the birthstone charts - something that is not done very often. In October 2022 tanzanite was added to the birthstone charts, as one of the birthstones for the month of December. You might be interested to know that, December now has blue zircon, blue turquoise and tanzanite as birthstones.  

9) Which metal color best for tanzanite? Most blue and violet gemstones pair well with all metal colors. You can therefore choose silver, white gold, yellow gold or even pink (rose) gold for your tanzanite ring or other jewelry, with tanzanite gemstones. While it is true that pink gold has not really become mainstream, this gold color does strike a very interesting contrast with tanzanite. At the end of the day, you decide what makes you feel comfortable and make a choice.

10) Are tanzanite and iolite the same gemstone? Iolite is another violet-blue gemstone though, it could sometimes show a chalky violet shade. Since this report provides information related to tanzanite, it is important to clear a commonly asked question. Both iolite and tanzanite are natural gemstones but, they are not the same. Some colors of iolite can come close to the color of tanzanite but, that is where the similarity ends. Each of these gemstones is gorgeous in its own right but iolite, unfortunately did not get that huge publicity that tanzanite got. The Kaisilver Iolite Information report, has more information that would interest gemstones lovers. 


Tanzanite is an expensive gemstone, retail  prices could range from $300 to $600 per carat. We are talking about natural tanzanite gems, with good color and sparkle. A certification of authenticity from a reputed gem testing lab is something that, you should insist on. The price per carat of tanzanite and many other gemstones, rises as the gem size increases. We would recommend choosing a tanzanite ring that, requires a gem weight in the 1.4 to 4 carat size range. But if you have a budget that, can handle a bigger tanzanite gem, go for it by all means. 

If you plan to choose a tanzanite gold ring, Kaisilver experts recommend 14k gold rings - this as the gold standard in the 14k gold option, provides the right combination of metal hardness and gold content. The final decision is yours as we provide options for 10k, 14k and 18k gold - you can further specify white, pink or yellow gold. 

Kaisilver maintains the same premium standards for gold and silver jewelry. You can order your custom ring with tanzanite or any other gem, in gold or silver. The Kaisilver team at will be glad to help with any information that you might need. We recommend that silver rings and other silver jewelry, be left un-plated. This because all platings done on silver, will wear off after a while. This will happen in bits and patcees and make it tough, to clean or polish the jewel. 


Each item shown on this page or anywhere on our websites, has an item number. The items shown in this tanzanite information report, have a link to a complete report - that is where you will get complete details on options, pricing, dimensions and more. Our experts at will gladly help, with any additional information that you might need. You could pick any item from our websites and request, for it to be crafted in gold or silver with tanzanite, or any gemstone of your choice. We can even craft a unique jewel based on your own design concept. 


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