Ruby Rings, 925 Silver Or Gold 

Ruby is gem quality corundum (mineral) that is distinctly red in color. We say this because another extremely popular precious gem namely sapphire, also belongs to the same mineral family. Gem quality corundum in all colors except red, is referred to as sapphire. When we talk about a ruby ring, two very distinct facts come to mind - the gemstone is stunningly beautiful and the price tag on the ring is in the upper price bracket. Once you understand the history, properties,  rarity and beauty of this red gem - you will start to realize that good ruby gemstone rings are worth every dollar of the price tag. Just as all rubies are not the same, all ruby rings are not the same either - picking the right source for a ruby silver or gold ring, is the best and only way to ensure that you get value for the money invested. In this section we present an amazing collection of finely handcrafted natural ruby gemstone rings. Kaisilver rings can be crafted with your design or ours and both gold and silver rings are crafted to the same premium standards. We invite you to send any queries related to gems and jewelry, that you might have to our experts at

ruby ring gold diamonds also in silver

The classic solitaire ruby ring, elegant and yet very durable. A solid (gold or silver) band with no metal scooping done inside the band. The ring features a glittering diamond on either side of the oval ruby gemstone. The thick and rounded prongs securely mount the gemstone in the ruby ring ... more

ruby band ring his and hers

A ruby band ring perfect for a 'his and her' set of wedding or engagement rings. The RG215 ruby ring is sturdy and comfortable to wear. The band width of this ruby band in gold or silver, can be customized based on the gemstone size selected. You could pick a white, yellow or pink gold ring - in  all ring sizes .. more

big ruby ring for men with diamonds

If you can manage the eye catching look of this handsome ruby diamond ring for men, check your budget and go for it. A minimum gold (or silver) weight of 25 to 30 grams, solid sturdy construction and a natural certified ruby gem. The halo of diamonds around the oval ruby gemstone adds the glitter ... more

big men's ring

This is a big men' ring suited for a size 11 to 15 ring. The ring is shown with a blue sapphire gem, a row of rubies and another row of white sapphire gems. The same ring could be ordered with a ruby gem in the center. All three gems in the ring can be selected by you. Custom made in gold and 925 silver ... more

ruby gemstone ring custom made

Ruby the birthstone for the month of July, has always been one of the most sought after gems in history. The RG131 14k ruby and diamond ring shown here, can be ordered as a ruby ring in silver or gold. Choose from 10k, 14k or 18k gold - you also have a choice of white, yellow or pink gold ruby gemstone rings ... more

ruby gemstone  ring mens

A hulk of a ring, heavy men's ruby gemstone ring, your choice of white, yellow or pink gold. The MAN64R ruby men's ring can also be ordered in sterling silver. The same superior standards are maintained for gold and 925 silver rings. We can also craft your men's gem ring with a design concept provided by you ... more

men's ruby ring 14k white or yellow gold

An added dose of luxury for this white gold ruby ring, sturdy and broad this men's ring flaunts a column of diamonds on either side of the center ruby gemstone. Men's ruby gemstone rings, need to be impressively dimensioned - they also need to be durable enough to withstand  the active lifestyle of men ... more

ruby gemstone ring

A heavy silver or gold ring with multiple gemstones, perfect for a family birthstone ring. All gem combinations, premium quality standards for the gold and silver ring. This ring could be ordered with all rubies or just one ruby paired with other gems. Ring combines an antique style with fine craftsmanship ... more

ruby gold ring

A family birthstone ring, one of the members was quite obviously born in the month of July. You can see the ruby the birthstone for that month (2nd gem from right). Multi gem rings are awesome for family birthstone rings - the RG229 design can accommodate from 3 to 6 gems. Custom made in gold and silver ... more

custom ruby ring for men gold or silver

A tough ruby gemstone ring for men. Crafted to the same superior standards as a gold or silver ruby ring, the MAN50 is available with all gem options. The ruby is a 7mm or 8mm round gemstone. Your men's ruby ring comes with a certificate, certifying the authenticity of the gemstone. In all ring sizes, get details ... more

About Ruby: When it comes to ruby rings, the gorgeous red gem is quite obviously the focus of the jewel. It is therefore important to be informed regarding some hard facts related to rubies. It is quite normal for the gemstone in a ruby gold ring to be priced, higher than the value of the gold in the ring! So getting a fake gem or a low quality ruby, drastically reduces the worth of your ring. There are natural rubies of different grades, there also are fakes and synthetics that are manufactured in factories. For centuries humans have followed the process of heating rubies, this to improve their color and clarity. This is a straightforward treatment, rubies put into the oven and heated - no chemicals or 'fillers' are involved. We will refer to this as the 'old heat' treatment. This practice continues even today and is accepted by seasoned gem experts and gemologists. More importantly, the old heat treatment when applied to ruby gems does not, reduce their durability or value. It is  fair to presume that the gem in your ruby gemstone ring, would be natural and treated by the old heat process. The only way to ensure that you get this type of ruby is to have the gem authenticated and certified. Fortunately you need not stress yourself about, the ruby gem when you work with Kaisilver for you ring. We source our rubies directly from the miners, each gem is minutely inspected by our experts before it is custom cut. And since it is your money that is being invested in the ruby ring, we go a step further. Each ruby (or other gem) is sent to an independent specialized gem testing lab, the gem is certified as being natural and the treatment (if any) mentioned. 

A quick note about rubies that you should avoid. You surely should not go for a synthetic or fake ruby gem - a gem certification is the only way to clear this issue. These manmade stones are very inexpensive and if you do desire to use them in your ring, make sure that you get priced accordingly. New heat treatments for rubies have been developed in the past few decades, some even use a process where cracks in the rubies are filled with solidified glass. Though mentioned as being natural, rubies treated by these processes lose their hardness and are easily damaged. Fissure filled or glass filled rubies, are very cheap as compared to natural rubies treated by the old heat process. A gem certification from a reputed testing lab, will provide clear details about such treatments. 

Ring Design: While it is true that each Kaisilver ring is designed and analyzed to ensure gorgeous looks and durability, you should have some idea of essential features. The specific  design of your ruby gem ring, would obviously be picked according to your choice. We will be glad to craft a unique jewel for you with your own design idea or image. Since rubies are expensive and the price per carat (weight unit) rises sharply as the size of the gem increases, it is always a good idea to go for a ruby ring design that, accommodates a 2 to 3 carat gem. This will obviously not apply too your if, you have arranged a substantial budget for your ruby ring. As we mentioned earlier, Kaisilver rubies are procured directly from miners - this means that you could request for a ruby gem in the 1 to 10 carat size range. It is also important to understand that, the metal (gold or silver) weight of your ring, would need to be optimized for the design and dimensions of the jewel. So if you are on a budget, choose modestly sized ring dimensions - this is especially true if you are planning to go for a ruby gold ring.  There never are any ring design limitations when  you order from Kaisilver. You could pick any of our designs, request for feature modifications and request for the ring to be crafted with a ruby. We can even deliver a totally different and unique ruby ring by working with your own design. 

Gold or Silver: Since we maintain the same premium quality standards for gold and silver jewelry, the choice of a silver or gold ruby gemstone ring is always yours. If you decide to order a ruby gold ring, select from 10k, 14k or 18k gold and request for white, yellow or pink as the gold color. The popularity of 14k ruby gemstone rings is mainly due to the fact that, 14k (white, yellow or pink) gold, provides a nice balance between gold content and metal hardness. Remember that the need to  define the 10k, 14k or 18k gold alloy standards was necessary, because pure gold is way too soft to craft long lasting jewelry. If you are considering to buy a silver ruby gemstone ring, we would suggest that the ring be left with no plating. This is because such silver rings, are easier to clean and polish when they show signs of tarnish. The process of polishing a silver ring is quite easy and can be done at home - just make sure that you don't allow the tarnish on your ruby silver ring to accumulate, this poses a few challenges in the cleaning process. Anti-tarnish plating on a silver ring, will start to wear off and this happens in  patches. Just keep in mind that all silver platings no matter what the plating or technique used, will wear off over time. Exposed silver on  partially plated rings will tarnish, the cleaning process will be challenging and can never be thorough. Having said that, we will gladly plate your silver ruby gemstone ring if that is what you prefer. Just to confirm that, the silver plating that we do will also not last permanently. 

Ruby Occasions: While you do not need a special occasion or event to wear a ruby gemstone ring, there are some special occasions that make a ruby ring even more special. Ruby engagement and wedding rings have remained popular for decades and they continue to do so. Ruby symbolizes love and passion, it also signifies commitment and dedication. The rarity and beauty of the gem has undoubtedly made the gem a status symbol. At a technical level ruby is hard and long lasting, it comes second in hardness to only diamond which is the hardest known natural substance on the planet. This is obviously very important in the case of matrimonial related jewels as, they would generally be worn lifelong. It is not uncommon for engagement rings to be passed down from generation to generation. July born men and women would make a special connect to this red gem, ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. A ruby ring is also perfect to mark a few anniversaries. The 15th, 40th and 80th anniversaries are celebrated by wearing a jewel encrusted with ruby. Another strong reason why many jewelry lovers, reserve a ruby gemstone ring purchase for a special occasion relates to the price of these rings. Bigger jewelry budgets are generally allocated for special occasions - this is what makes them more affordable during that time. 

How To Buy: No jeweler that we are aware of, provides the detailed product information that we at Kaisilver too. Each ruby ring shown on this page, has a short description followed by a link to the complete report. And as you would be aware by reading this report, the any jewel from our websites can be ordered in gold or 925 silver and gems of your choice. Besides asking for design modifications, you can also send us your own design concept to be custom made. Despite of all the detailed information provide, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with our experts at We will be glad to help even  if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online high end custom jewelry provider for over 2 decades, we serve over 12,000 discerning clients from 15 nations. A team of expert jewelry artisans from Thailand, work on both gold and silver jewelry orders. This proves our commitment to quality, irrespective of the metal, gemstone or price tag of the order. Networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you have an unlimited gem selection to pick from, the gemstone that you choose need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. Besides  the jewels on our websites, can also craft rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuff links with your choice of design and gemstones. Get in touch with our support team at with any questions and queries that you might have.