Online Gold And Silver Rings 

There is a general impression that buying rings online can be a challenging task. While this is not entirely untrue, the right environment and a reputed online jewelry provider could waive away all that stress. Operating online for more than 2 decades, we at Kaisilver have provide high end custom made rings and other jewelry to thousands of discerning clients, spread across 15 nations. When you choose to get your ring online from Kaisilver, you will be pleasantly surprised at the extent that we go to keep you completely informed. There are no 'Buy Now', 'Checkout', 'Express Pay' etc icons screaming  at you. Our experts are focused on providing information and solutions, you are basically guided to make a well informed decision. At the end of the process, we would be fine if you did not place your online ring order with us. All that is important is that, you make a purchase decision after having got all the information that is required. When shopping for a Kaisilver jewel online - you choose the design, metal (gold or 925 silver). There is no limitation on design and we will be glad to work with a design provided by you. Choose the gemstone of your choice even if, it is not mentioned on our websites. 

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diamond ring online

Buying a diamond ring online can be far more economical than, doing so at a well located jewelry showroom. By providing extremely detailed information about each jewel, we make buying a ring online at Kaisilver, a stress free experience. We explain diamonds, pricing and essential features ... more

garnet rings

When buying a Kai Silver garnet gemstone ring online, you are not limited by metal of garnet color. We offer options for red, green and orange garnet. You can also request for the classy rhodolite garnet - this is garnet variety has a red+pink color tone, some refer to it as raspberry red. Review the ring collection ... more

white gold rings for men

Online rings for men, 10k 14k 18k white gold men's rings custom made from Kaisilver. You choose our design or send us your own, while men's white gold rings are gaining popularity, we craft online men's rings in white, yellow and pink gold. We also provide the same quality for men's silver rings ... more

opal ring online

Undoubtedly the finest rendition of the historical claddagh ring. This claddagh ring shown with an opal procured directly from the Coober Pedy mines in Australia, is available online. Choose gold or silver and the gemstone of your choice. Handcrafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans - in all ring sizes ... more

claddagh ring online

With Kaisilver being the  preferred source for online jewelry, buying a cladagh ring online in gold or silver, set with the gem of your choice, is a stress free decision. Each cladagh ring is crafted by expert artisans in Thailand. The ring includes all the features present in the first ring made four centuries ago ... more

silver cat rings online

Crafted by Thailand's finest artisans with a handpicked natural gemstone of your choice, this sterling silver cat ring is available online and ships across the globe. You can also order the well known, Kaisilver cat ring in gold. We would encourage you to review other cat rings online and offline and make your decision ... more.  

claddagh ring online

Interesting that the four century old claddagh ring, today has an online source that is preferred across the globe. Our online custom claddagh rings are available in gold or 925 silver, with no limitation on gemstone. Handcrafted by dedicated artisans, each retains all essential features of the historic jewel .. more

ruby gold rings gold or 925 silver

Ruby rings online, custom made gold and 925 silver rings with ruby gemstone. Expertly crafted in Thailand, these online rings can be crafted with our design collection or based on a design concept provided by you. Natural and certified ruby gems sourced from leading miners. Rings for men and women ... more

Buying Rings Online - Apprehension And Confidence

A couple of years ago, Kaisilver took the help of a professional team of surveyors, the idea was to get the general opinion on buying online rings or other jewelry. A fairly large number of jewelry lovers mentioned that, making the first online jewelry purchase was a tough decision. Online ring purchases were high on the list, they would often be put off by the scant details provided by online jewelers.

Buying a fine sterling silver ring online is can be a nightmare, Kaisilver happens to be one of the very few or probably the only, online jewelry provider to provide the same superior quality for both gold and sterling silver jewelry. Shopping online for a ring can indeed be risky when, websites push you to place an order and pay - this when less than 200 words are written about the jewel. Click the link provided with each item on this web page, you will get to the complete product specific report. Complete details about metal and gem options, dimensions, gem details and pricing are provided. General information related to the ring or gemstone is often included, this to provide some interesting information on traditions and customs attached to them. In our opinion, these are details that will make you better appreciate your jewelry. 

Kaisilver Online Ring Highlights:

  • We provide the same superior quality standards for online rings crafted in gold or 925 silver.  
  • All the rings on  Kaisilver websites, can be ordered online in gold or silver - no limitation on gemstone. 
  • Since each ring is fully handcrafted, we can craft a ring with a design provided by you. 
  • Discuss all your requirements with our support team, no selling pressure - shop at your pace.
  • All gemstones and diamonds used in the rings, are natural and certified for authenticity. 
  • When you order a gold or silver gemstone ring online, we place no restriction on gem selection. 
  • Each ring that is offering online has a researched design and features to add durability. 
  • An online gold ring can be ordered in 14k, 18k white, pink or yellow gold.
  • If you prefer to go for a 10k gold ring in any of those 3 gold colors - request for a price quote. 
  • Kaisilver rings and jewelry in general, weigh around 40% to 50% more than that offered by other jewelers. 

How To Order Your Ring

One factor that makes Kaisilver stand apart from its competitors, is when it comes to providing information and guidance to prospective buyers. When discussing requirements for your online ring, with the experts at you will be surprised to note that, we do not hire sales staff. All you get is honest information and advice, you might even be requested to review similar jewels from other providers. There are no pressure selling tactics and we recommend that,  you do not hurry the purchase until you have all the information. We have kept our websites free from 'Buy Now', 'Express Pay' etc icons. Take your time, get your questions answered and then make a decision. You could even request for our experts to call you on the phone - at our expense. While this will still require complete details of your requirements, kindly include your phone number, location and mention suitable time to receive the call. We will have an expert prepare for the call and contact you at the assigned time. You should really not consider buying a gold or silver ring, online or in the store without, discussing with our team. This is because, you will never be obliged to make a purchase from us. 

Who  Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom made jewelry provider, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Whether it s a ring, pendant, bracelet or a pair of earrings  that you need - let us know your requirements. We can also craft a jewel for you with your own design concept. Networked to most gem mining and cutting operations across the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We are therefore confident that you always get the best gemstone at each price point. With 12,000 satisfied clients from 15 nations relying on Kaisilver for their requirements - we remain the preferred choice for finely crafted jewelry online. Get in touch with us at with your questions or requirements. We will be glad to help without, making you obligated to make a purchase from us. 

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