Rings For Men, Made To Order

Kaisilver rings for men are designed and crafted to ensure both, style and durability. A team of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and highly skilled gem cutters, work on our made to order men's rings. You could pick any men's ring from our websites and order it in gold or 925 silver with the gem of your choice. We can also craft a made to order men's ring for you with a design concept provided by you. Widely acclaimed as one of the world's best made to order jewelry provider, we maintain the same superior standards for gold and sterling silver jewelry. Requests for any ring size can be accommodated. Our expert team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to answer all your queries. 

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ring for men gemstone made to order

Made to order gemstone rings for men, the MAN137P is a finely crafted peridot men's ring. You can order your men's ring in gold or sterling silver, with your choice of gemstone and metal. Kaisilver rings for men are durable stylish and reasonably priced ... more

men's sapphire ring

A simple and yet stylish design for this men's sapphire ring. Great choice for a men's sapphire wedding ring, you could also wear the MAN05u as an everyday ring. You might know that sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones, coming second to only diamond ... more

mens gemstone and diamond ring

A handsome gemstone and diamond ring for men, the MAN68n men's ring is shown here with an iolite gem but, you can request for the same ring with the gemstone of your choice. Iolite is a natural gem and can often resemble the color of tanzanite ... more

spessartite ring for men

A rare variety of garnet adorns this men's spessartite ring. A sturdy ring crafted in gold or silver and set with a large spessartite gemstone. Orange spessartite is at least 200 times rarer than red garnet, this makes it highly desirable for highend jewelry ... more

lapis ring for men

The MAN66 men's lapis lazuli ring is available in gold or silver. The design of this men's ring makes it suitable for all gemstones. Remember that, we place no restriction on your choice of gemstone when ordering jewelry from us. Available in all ring sizes ... more

garnet ring for a men

Men adore the deep red color of red garnet, the gorgeous gemstone is affordable enough to be set in gold or 925 silver. The MAN121G men's garnet ring is shown with a texture on the metal, you can order your men's gem ring with or without the design ... more

ruby ring with diamonds for men

Make an impeccable statement with this stunning ruby diamond men's ring. Custom men's ring crafted in all ring sizes with the gemstone of your choice. Flaunting two of the most expensive gems of all times, the Kaisilver MAN122R is reasonably priced ... more.  

moonstone ring for men

A heavy men's ring custom made in gold or sterling silver. A large moonstone is set in the center of this men'sring. You can order the MAN138 ring for men with the gemstone of your choice. Moonstone shows a gorgeous sheen on the surface ... more

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