Custom Made Rings

A custom made ring is not just about getting a jewel made to your choice of design. Custom rings are made specifically as per order, they need to satisfy that one buyer and no one else. Contrast this with rings manufactured in large numbers, the idea is to capture a larger market. It is generally seen that, buyers who are very particular about getting custom made jewelry are extremely quality conscious. On the other hand, buyers who choose ready made jewels are more willing to compromise on features. A custom made gold or 925 silver ring would need to have more than just good looks, the workmanship, gemstone cutting and even the metal weight will need to be of a superior standard. Kaisilver is widely regarded as the leading online custom made jewelry provider. With more than 11,000 satisfied clients spread across the globe, we continue to serve the best value for both gems and jewelry. You could choose any item from our websites and request for it to be made in gold or 925 silver, there is no limitation on gem selection. You could even send us your design idea or sketch to be custom made. The support team at will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. 

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custom claddagh ring

Fine workmanship, hand cut gems and a firm commitment to retain the features of the first ring made centuries ago, make our custom claddagh rings a top favorite. The same quality standards are maintained for gold and silver rings... more

diamond ring with tanzanite

Showcasing tanzanite, an exotic gems that is at least 1,000 times rarer than diamond. Kaisilver procures tanzanite from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the only place in the world where gem quality tanzanite is found ... more

rings in white gold for men

A comprehensive report on white gold rings for men. With 14k and 18k white gold gaining popularity in men's jewelry, we discuss issues related to the white metal. Interesting notes on how various gemstone colors pair with white gold ... more.  

ruby gold or sterling silver ring

A classy ruby gemstone ring crafted in gold or sterling silver. The ring features a natural certified ruby gem, you have two gem sizes to choose from. The RG215 concept is perfect for a pair of wedding bands, the band width can be varied to suit your preference ... more

men's ring with blue sapphire

Custom made men's rings, all gemstone options with no limitation on gem selection. Kaisilver men's rings give equal emphasis to good looks and durability. Both gold and sterling silver rings are provided with optimized metal weight ... more

custom sapphire rings

Our custom made sapphire rings can be ordered with white, yellow, blue, green or pink sapphire. All sapphires are natural and certification is available on request. Fine craftsmanship and expertly cut gems are provided for all Kaisilver jewels ... more

square gemstone ring for men

A stylish and durable ring for men with a square gemstone. The MAN63n shows the ring with a green tourmaline gemstone. You can choose the gem for your square stone ring, the men's ring can have a uniform or tapered band width ... more

men's aquamarine rings

An aquamarine gemstone ring, this men's ring can be ordered in sterling silver or gold and the diamond on either side of the center aquamarine gem is optional.Aquamarine gemstone rings look awesome for both men and women. For details and price ... more

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