Sterling Silver Or Gold Rings Men's 

It is extremely rare for a high end custom jewelry provider to ensure equal quality standards for gold and silver rings. By engaging a team of fine jewelry artisans in Thailand, Kaisilver handcrafts amazing sterling silver or gold rings for men. The fact is that, you could pick any Kaisilver ring from our websites and order it in gold or sterling silver, with the gemstone of your choice. Mass produced silver rings can never deliver quality, this because their are focused on keeping costs down and price tags attractive. By having men's gold and silver rings crafted by the same team and subjecting, the jewels to the same superior quality standards, Kaisilver has become an iconic name in the corridors of style and class. We are humbled to say that, over 12,000 discerning clients spread across 15 nations wear a jewel crafted by our highly skilled artisans. We are grateful to leading gem mine and cutting operators around the globe, for consistently giving us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is what allows us to consistently provide the best gemstones at every price point. You will be pleased to know that, we can also craft your men's ring with a design provided by you. 

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925 silver or gold rings for men

Finely crafted as a gold or sterling silver ring for men, the MAN122BS is a heavy ring, very stylish and very tough. This gemstone ring is shown with a natural certified blue gem but, you can pick the gem of your choice. At Kaisilver we will ensure that a ring in gold or 925 silver has the same quality standards ... more

diamond engagement band

A classy men's diamond engagement or wedding band ring. Very sturdy, finely crafted and fully customizable. You can order a 14k or 18k diamond band, also available in sterling silver. You can order this men's band ring with diamonds or gemstones of your choice. The band width can be customized ... more

Modestly priced to set in both gold and silver rings for men, amethyst happens to be the birthstone for the month of February. An amethyst men's gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 18k or 14k white, yellow or pink gold. The 925 silver men's ring has the same superior standards as the gold ring - all gem options ... more.

rings for men with oval gem amethyst

When you talk about rings for men in gold or silver with gemstones, make sure that you give a close look to the fascinating amethyst gemstone. Available in light, medium and deep purple, amethyst delivers the best color and sparkle in a medium color tone. You could pick the MAN137A ring with any gem ... more

sapphire rings for men

An amazing collection of sapphire rings for men, expertly handcrafted in gold or 925 silver big highly skilled artisans in Thailand. When ordering a Kaisilver sapphire gemstone ring, you can choose from pink, yellow, green or blue sapphire. Gold and silver rings have the same superior quality standards ... more

white gold rings for men

White gold rings for men, order as 10k, 14k or 18k gold rings or rings in sterling silver. Crafted to be suitable for daily wear or as rings for a special occasion. Both gold and 925 silver rings for men, can be ordered with your choice of gemstones. The design for mens rings can be yours or ours, all ring sizes available ... more

men's gold or silver ring with citrine

A men's ring with round gem in the center. This rugged ring for men is crafted by expert artisans in Thailand. You can order a gold or silver ring in all ring sizes. The texture on the surface of the gold or 925 silver ring for men, can be picked by you. There is no limitation  on gem selection for your men's gemstone ring ... more

ruby diamond ring for men

The RG131 ruby diamond ring is suitable for men and women. Complete customization for the gold or silver ring, allows you to pick the gem size and that in turn would influence the band width and overall dimensions of the ring. Secure 'L' type prongs secure the gemstone and keep the pointed corners safe ... more.

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Silver Or Gold: When you talk about jewelry and more specifically rings for men, the discussion on gold or silver gains importance. The discussion is most often clouded due the fact that, jewelers compromise on quality features when it comes to sterling silver jewelry. With the issue now clear that, Kaisilver maintains the same superior quality standards for gold and silver rings (and jewelry), we can open up the discussion much wider. Gold and silver and both precious metals, both these metals are technically too soft to be made into durable jewelry. This raises the need for them to be alloyed with other metals. Men have a liking for silver, the casual and yet confident look of the metal makes it a favorite for men's rings. There is no doubt that a men's sterling silver ring would be priced lower than its gold counterpart. When it comes to gold rings for men, you could choose white, yellow or pink (rose) gold but white and yellow gold are favorites. 

While you could request for a 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring for men, it is 14k men's rings that have always been preferred. Technically speaking, 14k gold offers the ideal balance between hardness and gold content. Having said that, the final decision is yours. One more  clarification is that white, yellow and rose gold have the same degree of hardness - this within each 'k' number. 

The weight of the metal is an important factor that influences the durability of a men's ring. With Kaisilver assigning no less than 25 grams of metal (gold or silver) for mens rings, this can be a significant cost factor when the ring is crafted in gold. This obviously becomes more affordable when the ring is ordered in sterling silver. The decision to choose a silver men's ring is largely stress free at Kaisilver since, you get the same quality standards as the gold ring. 

There is one thing about silver jewelry that is generally glossed over by jewelers. Silver will always show signs of tarnish over a period of time, this is a natural phenomenon. Jewelers tell you that, plating silver with rhodium, gold, platinum etc will prevent your silver ring from tarnishing. This is really not true as, plating on silver will never last permanently - it will tend to wear off in patches. Back to tarnish, this is something that can be easily handled if the cleaning process happens just as it sets in. Allowing the tarnish to grow stubborn, will require professional cleaning. At Kaisilver, we will recommend that your silver sapphire ring be left un-plated. Such a ring will tarnish but cleaning it, will be a lot easier to clean when, compared to a plated ring that has a patchy wear of the plating. But if it is a  plated ring that you prefer, let us know and we will do it for you. 

How To Buy: If you wish to buy a men's ring or any other jewel from Kaisilver, do not be in a rush to confirm your order. Every item shown on this web page has a link to a detailed report. Check the details and email our experts at with your requirements and take their advice. We can also craft a ring for you with your own design. Gold and silver jewelry is crafted with the same superior standards. Your choice of gemstone need not be limited to what you see on our website. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider of high end custom jewelry, we craft all types of jewelry in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice. Over 12,000 clients across 15 nations rely on Kaisilver for all their gem and jewelry requirements. Networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, we have access to over 200 million carats of quality gemstones. This is precisely why we always provide the best gemstone at each price point. Our experts at will be glad to help with any information that you might need.