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Men in general are more inclined to be impressed with silver rings and other silver jewelry. Likely to be the confident look of sterling silver when it is finely crafted. We talk about the RG234 plain wedding band shown in sterling silver. With complete customization provided for all Kaisilver jewelry, the ring could have an etching of your choice. This ring is finely handcrafted in Thailand where, a team of highly skilled artisans work on each silver or gold ring. What you see here is a plain wedding band ring with an ivy plant etched all around. You could order the same ring in gold or silver, you decide the band width and the etching - we can also craft the same ring with a plain band, no etching. Get in touch with our experts at if you need any further information. 

silver wedding band plain
silver ring plain no gemstone

This silver wedding band might appear to be quite similar to what is generally sold in the markets but, all it takes is a closer inspection to reveal advanced features in the researched design.  Notice how the band has a good thickness, this because we do not compromise on metal weight. Since each silver (or gold) band is fully custom made, the metal weight is adjusted according to the ring size and band width dimensions. Still on the features of this silver wedding band, notice how the metal inside the band is left intact - no scooping to reduce weight and flash a more 'friendly' price tag. The healthy metal (gold or silver) weight for the RG234 custom band ring, does add to the price tag but it also, makes the ring sturdier and more comfortable to wear. Notice the edges of the band, no sharp edges to hurt your finger. We take great care to ensure that the edges of the band are smooth and rounded. We should add that, Kaisilver rings and other jewelry weighs around 40% to 50% more, than what other jewelers provide for similar designs. This adds to the long term durability of the jewel. 


When talking about this plain silver wedding band ring it is important to understand that, the design concept is suitable for both men and women. If you think that the silver band ring for a man, should have an etching other than the ivy around the band - let us know your preference and will have it done for you. 

The band width of the RG234 silver wedding ring as shown in he image is 10mm (1cm), customization is possible so here are some tips. For a women's silver band ring the band width would generally be around 5mm to 7mm. A men's silver  wedding band ring, could have a band width that ranges from 8mm to around 12mm. You can get suggestions on these details from our experts, at  we will be glad to help even if you end up buying nothing from us. 


As mentioned above the weight of the ring would depend on the ring size and band width selected. So the weight being mentioned here is more of an estimate, the support team will send you more accurate info once they have your requirements. 

The silver wedding band ring would weigh around 15 to 20 grams. The same ring in 10k, 14k or 18k gold would weigh around 20 to 30 grams. Once again, more accurate estimates would be available once we have all your requirements. We will not compromise on metal weight as that happens to be one of the most important factors, that determines how durable the ring is. 


The etching on your silver wedding band can be decided by you, it is also possible to have no etchings on the band. Some suggestions for etching on your plain band ring would be - the ivy design, a single or multiple etchings for the yin yang symbol or the lightning symbol, could also etch a name or initials or a short message on the gold or silver plain band ring. For a men's plain band ring, etching a crisscross design would also be a good idea. 

Besides etching a ring on the surface, it is also possible to do different surface textures - for example texture of a tree bark, slight hammered look, a brushed look etc. When combined with the 100% customization that Kaisilver Thailand provides, the possibilities are endless. 


While we did mention that the RG234 plain wedding band is crafted in sterling silver, you always have the option of gold or silver when it comes to custom made jewelry from Kaisilver. For a gold plain band ring select 10k, 14k or 18k gold and further specify your preference for yellow, white or pink gold. As far as maintaining a gold or silver plain wedding band is concerned, both metals work just fine. With no gems or diamonds set in the ring,  cleaning and polishing a plain wedding band would never pose any serious challenges. 


Since every single feature including ring size, band width and metal for the RG234 custom band ring can be customized, an accurate price estimate can happen only once our support team has all your detailed requirements. Remember that these are single piece jewels meticulously handcrafted by artisans in Thailand, no ready blocks and mass production techniques are applied. So what you get is a high end band ring in gold or silver. 

The plain silver wedding band ring, would be priced in the US$ 250 to US$ 400 price range. Ring dimensions, size and band width design elements would determine the final price. 

For a plain gold wedding band prices for the 14k ring would be around US$ 1,700 to US$ 3,500. A 10k wedding band would be a bit lower than that an the same plain band ring in 18k gold, would cost a little more. Our support experts will provide clearer details once you have emailed us your requirements. Get in touch with us at and we will work on details and pricing based on your requirements. 


Yes this a plan band ring, great for a gold or silver sterling wedding band. However the fact that each RG234 band ring or any other Kaisilver jewelry for that matter, is fully custom made - the jewel is designed and crafted just for you. This means that you could request for any modifications of the design that, you require. So what if you wish to add a gem or diamond for your band ring, no longer plain band but a ring with similar design. Kaisilver places absolutely no restrictions on gem selection, we can procure and custom cut just about any gem that you need. You could request for a round, square or oval gemstone for your silver or gold band ring. The gem size that is suited for the ring, would be around 2mm to 3mm smaller than the band width of the ring. So with a 10mm band width for your custom made band ring, the gem size could range from 5mm to 7mm. Remember that all features are customizable so we are not trying to set any limitations here. The price of your wedding band ring would vary depending on, the gem types, shze and shape that you select. So let our experts know of your requirements (email below this report) and we will get back, with relevant information. We invite you to see the design for the RG215 Kaisilver band ring with gemstone, this should inspire your thought process fo your own ring. 


This has been a fairly detailed report on the Kaisilver plain wedding ring, but we do hope that it has at least some utility to you. Few jewelers care to educate their buyers, we believe that a well informed customers delivers a win-win situation. So the RG234 is fully customizable, we can even craft a unique wedding ring or other jewel based on your own design requirements. We encourage you to communicate with us for any requirements or information, related to gemstones and jewelry. The email address is provided at the bottom of this report. 


The leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 jewelry lovers across 15 nations. A team of superbly skilled and talented jewelry designers, artisans and gem cutters - work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. Whether it happens to be the RG234 plain wedding band or any other jewel, we provide the same premium standards for both gold and silver jewelry. You could pick any ring or other jewel from our websites and request for it, to be crafted in gold or silver, with gemstone of your choice. Besides accommodating all design modifications, we can also work with your own design ideas and concepts. 

Networked to gem mining and cutting operations across the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that your choice of gems is never restricted and that, you always get the best gemstone at each price point. Contact us at with any queries or requirements that you might have, will gladly help even if you do not intend to buy anything from us. 


Kaisilver offers high quality custom made jewelry, not the type of assets that you should be in a hurry to buy. Open a communication with our team of exprts at and detail your requirements, let us know any customization preferences that you might have.You are most welcome to send in your own design ideas to be custom made. We will work on details and pricing together. 

Once you have all your questions answered make a decision and let the team know about. We then move to the order confirmation and payment processing. Payments are accepted through Paypal, bank transfer and Western Union. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Indicate your choice for mode of payment and we will provide details for the same. 

Since each band ring is fully handcrafted in Thailand, there is a 3 to 4 week leading time for production - this from the time of payment and order confirmation. You will be informed of the wait time before we move to the payment phase. 


Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am very excited and overwhelmed to receive my ring and earrings. The ring is EXACTLY the same as the one that was stolen and I never thought I could replace it exactly, even to the spinal effect of the stones.It was very kind of you to take the trouble and time, and allow me to take the time to describe exactly what I wanted.The result is the ring is perfectly the same and the earrings match so well, just like the ones I lost. I do thank you so much. Your service and products have been excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.  Reading the comments of other people you must be very pleased with the pleasure you give to your customers, when they receive your products. Please use me for publicity if you wish. Thank you also for your good wishes and blessing. Thank you and God bless ...... Patricia Dodd ... more

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