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We've seen them all classy sapphire diamond rings, big sapphire rings, lavish sapphire band and more. The RG224 sapphire ring from Kaisilver is inspired by nature. The ring depicts a flower and is set with natural blue sapphires cut by, Thailand's superbly skilled gem cutters. The blue sapphires are alternated with metal (gold or silver) petals each studded with a glittering diamond. Wear this sapphire gemstone ring everyday or let it mark an important occasion. No reason why you could not pick this finely crafted ring as a sapphire engagement or wedding ring. Shown as a blue sapphire ring, you could request for blue, yellow or pink sapphires. While the ring can be crafted with a mix of sapphire colors, you could also pick and combine just about any gemstone that you fancy. 

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A sapphire ring is a coveted jewel especially if, it is designed and finely handcrafted like the RG224 from Kaisilver. Individually handpicked and tested gemstones - all natural and no fakes and synthetics. A sapphire ring delivers significant value by way of the gemstones, but features like a researched design, optimized metal weight and high quality craftsmanship are all essential. This sapphire ring appears far more extravagant than its price point would suggest. The reasonable price tag is achieved by ensuring that, the entire production process is handled at one point - our production in Thailand. Kaisilver continues to be the preferred online source, for at least 12,000 jewelry lovers from 15 nations. Since we do not rely on external vendors, brokers and production facilities our price tags are not loaded with multiple profit margins. This is precisely why Kaisilver jewelry is competitively priced. This when our jewelry is compared feature-to-feature with that of our competitors. 

If we had to trace the history and tradition of sapphire, the report would be way too lengthy. Having said that, it helps to learn more about the gemstones that you wear. Much of the folklore related to sapphire implies blue sapphires - the existence of sapphires in other colors like white, pink, green, orange, yellow and purple was unknown for centuries. Sapphire symbolizes truth, faithfulness and  wisdom. The Persians believed that, the world sat on a huge sapphire and the reflection of the stone gave us the blue sky. This was obviously ancient belief, it was later concluded that the gem that the Persians were referring to blue lapis lazuli and not blue sapphire. The rich heritage and symbolism of sapphire and its rarity makes it a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Sapphire engagement rings are generally designed with a splash of diamonds.

The higher price point of the gemstone, makes sapphire rings often purchased to mark a celebration or special occasion. A quick glance for some of those special happenings for which, you should seriously consider wearing a finely crafted Kaisilver sapphire gemstone ring. We already mentioned sapphire engagement rings, the gem is suited for both men and women. A sapphire birthstone ring would make special connect to those born in the month of September. Sapphire also marks not one but two wedding anniversaries - wear a gorgeous sapphire gemstone ring to celebrate your 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. 


Request for a price quote if you prefer 10k gold for your sapphire ring. Yellow, white and pink gold are priced the same. You can pick any gemstone combination for your ring. Discuss with us if, you prefer to have 5 pear shaped gems in your ring giving it a more organic look. It would be great to combine yellow, pink and blue sapphires in the same ring. 

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A few ideas for the gemstone options for the RG224 ring from our experts. The biggest advantage of ordering a Kaisilver gemstone ring is that, you are in control of all features - this obviously includes the gem selection. Shown as a blue sapphire white gold ring, the RG224 custom ring can be ordered with any combination of gemstones. Staying with sapphires for a moment, the ring could be worn with pink, yellow or blue sapphire gems. And if you are really into precious color, consider combining all or some of these sapphire colors in a single color. The design concept for this sapphire ring could also be altered to include 5 pear shaped gems. In this case, the mass of the gems would be a bit more - thus giving a bigger color look. Rubies are another gem that come to mind, you could alternate blue sapphires and rubies in you ring. 

The choice of a gold or sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring is entirely up to you. One of the reasons why jewelry lovers prefer to choose a gold sapphire ring is that, silver rings are often given substandard treatment by jewelers. You don't hear much about finely crafted silver jewelry - do you. This issue is never a worry with Kaisilver - the same team of expertly skilled artisans in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry irrespective of the metal choice. So you get the same detailed design, the same fine workmanship and the same quality of natural gems - for the 925 silver or gold sapphire ring. For the sapphire gemstone gold ring, we offer options for 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. For the silver sapphire ring, we would recommend no plating - as this makes it easier to clean and maintain. Just remember that, all plating done on silver jewelry will wear off with time. 

Durability: Before we talk about this factor, here is some very important information that is relevant to all jewelry - this coming from our production experts. You should never wear jewelry when doing a lot of physical activity, more specifically keep jewelry away from scenarios where it can be struck by physical impact. Never try to clean your jewelry using strong detergents or chemicals. Now on to the RG224 sapphire gemstone ring and durability. The ring is constructed to last for decades, high metal weight ensures that the ring has a solid metal (gold or silver) band with no metal scooping done inside. While sapphires are extremely tough, the design elements of the ring ensure that the gems are securely mounted and protected from side impact. All Kaisilver designs give equal emphasis to an elegant look and long term durability. 

How To Order: Discuss all your ideas and requirements with our experts at . We will be glad to come up with suggestions and advice, be in no hurry to confirm your order until you have all your questions answered. It is perfectly OK with us if you finally choose another jeweler for the order. We can craft a unique sapphire gemstone ring for you, with your own design. There is no limitation on gem, design or metal (gold or 925 silver). Since each ring is fully handcrafted by artisans with tremendous skill and dedication, there is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks. We recommend Paypal as the mode of payment but, also accept Money Transfers through Western Union. Payment details will be emailed once we have information about your preferred mode of payment. 

Who Is Kaisilver: One of the first online high end custom made jewelry providers, completing 2 decades online - Kaisilver today fulfills the gem and jewelry requirements of over 12,000 knowledgeable and quality conscious clients across 15 nations. We craft all types of fine jewelry in gold or 925 silver - no limitation on design or gemstone. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gems, from reputed gem mining and cutting operations across the globe - we place no restriction on your gem selection. We are ideally placed to provide the best gem prices at each price point. We can craft your sapphire gemstone ring or any other jewel, based on your design or ours. Our support team at will be glad to help with any information or advice that you might need. 

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