Ruby Band In Gold Or Sterling Silver 

A finely crafted ruby band ring custom made in gold or sterling silver. The RG215 ruby ring is suitable for both men and women, the band width is customized based on the gem size selected. The gold or silver band is crafted by some of Thailand's finest artisans and gemstone cutters. The gemstone is a natural round ruby size 5mm or 6mm, the gem is certified for authenticity. You can pick the gem size based on your budget and preference for band width. The ring can be ordered with a uniform or tapered band width. 

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While a band ring is generally designed to have a uniform band width all around the finger, a number of jewelry lovers prefer the look of a band but wish to have a slight taper behind the finger. This makes the ruby band ring more comfortable to wear especially if, you wear it all day and very often. At Kaisilver we custom make each ring and can therefore,  accommodate all requests for design modifications. You can therefore order a ruby gemstone band with a uniform or tapered band width. 

The selection of ruby size for the RG215 gold or  925 silver ring, would depend on your preference and budget. Keep in mind that the ring will be a symbol of luxury and refined style whether, you choose the 5mm or 7mm round ruby gem. Ruby has for centuries symbolized love, loyalty, power and social status. Rubies take millions of years to form in a natural environment, there is a finite quantity of the gem left to be mined. Demand for the gem has never really dropped this, despite the steep price rise that the gorgeous red gem has experienced over the past decades. 

The band width of the ruby band is just a little more than the size of the gem, this makes the gem appear much bigger than the gem size would imply. The ruby ring with a 5mm round ruby, would have a band width of 7mm. This is an impressive width but the gem occupies almost the entire band width, just 1mm on the top and bottom is the metal that you see. This has the effect of making the gem appear to dominate the ring. The ring with a 7mm round ruby similarly has a band width of 9mm (which is almost a centimeter wide), with a metal space of just 1mm above and below the gem. 

ruby gemstone ring for men and women
band ring with gemstone ruby

RG215 Ruby Ring Highlights:

  • The ruby band ring is custom made in gold or sterling silver, with the same superior workmanship. 
  • The design of this ruby ring is suited for both men and women. 
  • You can order a 14k or 18k ruby gemstone ring in yellow, white or pink gold.
  •  Email us for pricing on a 10k white, yellow or pink gold ruby ring.. 
  • Option for a 5mm round or 6mm round ruby gemstone is provided.
  • The gemstone is a natural ruby and comes with an authentication certificate. 
  • The RG215 gemstone band ring can also be ordered with any gem of your choice. 
  • The gemstone is securely mounted with metal bordering the entire stone (bezel setting). 
  • The ring has a 2.5mm round diamond on either side of the center ruby gem. 
  • You can request for a ring with no diamond or with gems of your choice on the side. 
  • The band ring with a  5mm gem has a width of 7mm, the width is 9mm with a 7mm gem. 
  • We can modify the design of the ring with your own preferences.
  • The ruby band ring can be ordered with a uniform band or with a slight taper.
  • The ring with a 5mm gem and a 7mm band width has a minimum metal weight of 15 grams.
  • The same ring with a 7mm gem and a 9mm band width has a minimum metall weight of 20 grams.
  • Ruby band rings in larger ring (finger) sizes might require additional metal weight. 
  • You can let us know if you need a heavy ring, with a thick band. Price will be worked out for the same. 
  • A short message, date or name can be laser etched inside the band at no additional charge. 
  • If you are looking for a pair of wedding bands, the RG215 is a great choice. 

Prices are provided below for the ring with a 5mm or 7mm round gem. We have also provided the pricing for the same ring with or without the side diamonds. Email us at   if you need modifications to the design, gemstone shape or size and we will work out a specific price quote for you. 


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custom ruby ring


mens ruby and diamond ring


About Ruby: Interestingly ruby and sapphire two of the most precious and expensive gems, come from the same mineral family - corundum. The mineral is rarely found in gem quality. Red corundum is referred to as ruby and corundum in all other colors are referred to as sapphire. Ruby is a hard gemstone, it comes second in hardness to only diamond which is the hardest known natural substance. This obviously means that the gemstone in your ruby band ring, will not need to much of fussing and caring to keep looking gorgeous. Having said that we must add that, jewelry and gems should never be worn in an environment where they could be exposed to strong chemicals or detergents, or extreme heat. Another very important thing that applies to all jewelry and all gems is that, they should not be exposed to situations where they can be struck by physical impact. 

Humans have known for almost a century that, heating rubies and sapphires improves their color and overall beauty. This heat process which we will refer to as 'old heat' process, does not reduce the toughness or value of the gem. Gemstone experts accept the old heat process as being normal. In the past few decades, gem traders have started to use a few other processes to improve the beauty of rubies. It is important to understand that such treatments, reduce the durability and value of the ruby. One of these processes referred to as the fissure filling process, yields what is commonly referred to as 'glass filled' rubies. These stones lack toughness and are worth less than 1% of their natural counterparts - this despite the gorgeous look that glass filled rubies can have. Just to repeat what we said above, the gemstone in your Kaisilver ruby band ring will be a natural certified gem. 

Besides being aware of rubies that are processed using methods that reduce their hardness and value, you also need to keep away from man made 'rubies'. Using confusing names like 'lab created' rubies or 'synthetic' rubies, jewelers are known to push these cheap substitutes as natural ruby gems. You also need to be aware of imitation or fake rubies that, can be worthless pieces of colored resign, acrylic or glass. There is a popular saying about jewelry which is relevant even today, '... value the jeweler before you value the jewelry'.

Ruby Significance: Historically various metaphysical properties have been attributed to various gemstones. Some of those beliefs exist even today - it is this that makes many people wear a ruby ring today. The gem gets its name from the Latin word 'rubeus' which means red. There was a time when gems were identified merely by color, it was no surprise that all red stones were referred to as ruby. 

Ruby rings are worn across various civilizations, the Bible makes reference to 'carbuncle' which included a host of red stones including ruby. Ancient Sanskrit scriptures also make reference to ruby. The ancient Romans considered ruby to be Mars (their god of war). 

Many believers in gems and crystals, consider ruby to be a symbol of love and devotion. Merchants believe that wearing a ruby gemstone ring attracts wealth and wisdom. Crystal healers often advise their followers to wear the red gem, it apparently relieves negativity and boosts self confidence. 

The concept of wearing a birthstone which relates to the month in which a person was born, has its origins in the breastplate worn by Aaron, the high priest of the Israelis. One or more gemstones is assigned to each of the 12 months, wearing a birthstone is believed to bring good luck and keep away evil. The RG215 ruby band ring, would have special significance for those born in the month of July - the gemstone happens to be listed as the birthstone for that month.

Ruby engagement and wedding bands are suitable for both men and women. This mainly because of the rarity and beauty of the gem. We also mentioned that the red gem is taken to symbolize love and loyalty. The RG215 ruby band ring can be ordered with differing band widths, thus delivering a classic band of ruby wedding bands. Talking about weddings and engagements, Ruby has also been given prominent positions on the wedding anniversary charts. Wearing a ruby ring would be the perfect way to mark a 15th, 40th or 80th wedding anniversary.  

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom made jewelry provider, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. The designs can be picked from our website or sent by you. Networked to almost every major gem mining and cutting operation across the globe, we allow you to choose the gem of your choice with no restrictions. More than 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, proudly wear pieces crafted by us. Some of Thailand's finest gem and jewelry artisans, work on each Kaisilver order. We assure the same superior quality for gold and silver jewelry. Contact our team of experts at if you have, any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry.  

How To Buy: If you decide to by the RG215 ruby diamond band or any other jewel from Kaisillver, do not be in a hurry to confirm the order and make payment. High end jewels were never meant to be traded with 'Buy Now' and 'Express Checkout' options. Discuss your requirements with our experts at , ask as many questions as you wish to. If you would like to have our expert call you on the phone, include your phone number and location in the email. Also let us know the convenient time that you could receive the call. Provide as many details as possible in the email, this will help us prepare for the phone discussion. We will coordinate the timing based on time zones and call you at the time suggested by you. We also welcome your own designs to be custom made. 

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