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A diamond engagement ring that has a luxurious look and yet, does not burn your wallet. An engagement is one of the most important promise that two individuals ever make. The practice of marking an engagement with a ring has existed for a very long time. History tells us of bands made with grass or threads, serving as rings to mark the solemn occasion. Diamonds are hard, very few gemstones can match the glitter and fire of a well cut and polished diamond. The supply of diamonds is exhaustible, they take billions of years to form and are formed deep inside the earth. Diamonds are rare, they have always been so. A engagement ring set with one or more diamonds, symbolizes the unique experience of the event. 

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Most of us are under the impression that, a good diamond engagement ring would be very expensive. This is partially due to the high publicity given to diamond rings worn by the red carpet celebrities. As you pick a diamond ring, keep in mind that the ring can never be important than the event. Since ancient times, diamonds have been worn to symbolize sincerity, truth and loyalty. It is no secret that these also happen to be the qualities, that are required for any relationship to develop and grow. That is precisely the reason where thousands of engagements across the world are sealed with a diamond ring. 

So what is the diamond size that you should expect for your engagement ring. It is important to understand that, the price (per carat) of a diamond moves up sharply, as the stone size increases. Diamonds are expensive and it is not uncommon for diamond rings to be designed and crafted with, stones as small as 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm etc. It is true that most of the diamonds used in rings across the globe, are of a size that is less than 2mm. Keeping this in perspective, you can confidently assume that the 4mm to 5mm size range for the RG210 diamond engagement ring, is substantial. 

Highlights For The RG210 Ring:

  • Custom diamond engagement ring in gold or 925 sterling silver. 
  • The gold and silver rings have the same quality standards. 
  • You can choose a 4mm or 5mm round diamond for the ring. 
  • The diamond grade is specified in the price table. 
  • The same engagement ring can be made with a gem of your choice. 
  • The diamond gold ring, is available in 14k and 18k gold.
  • You can select white, yellow or pink gold for the ring. 
  • The ring has a band width of 5mm to 6mm depending on the stone size. 
  • We can provide a larger or smaller gem / diamond for your ring.
  • The metal weight for this diamond engagement ring is 15-18 grams. 
  • Large ring sizes might require additional metal weight.
  • Each engagement ring is custom made, all ring sizes available. 
  • Let us know if you would prefer a ring with no scooping done in the band. 
  • A price quote for a square diamond or gem ring can be provided. 
  • We can also custom make a ring with your design concept. 
  • Enhance the meaning of the ring, request for an etching inside the band.

If you wish to  get a diamond engagement ring, you will obviously need to get the ring size right. So which finger should you measure, conventions generally rule the selection. Since ancient times, people believed that the finger next to the pinky (small) finger on the left hand, had a vein running directly to the heart. This finger came to be known as the 'ring finger'. Since an engagement is all about love, loyalty and a serious relationship between two individuals, it became customary to wear the engagement ring on that finger. It is true that, many conventions have been thrown to the wind in recent years. So you decide, the ring that is suited for your engagement diamond ring and measure it. 

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engagement ring custom

4mm or 5mm Diamond: So should you choose a 4mm or 5mm stone for your diamond engagement ring. The price of the ring will obviously depend on the diamond size selected. 4mm diamonds seem to offer better value for money paid, here is the explanation. A 4mm round diamond weighs around 0.22 carats, move to a 5mm stone and the weight jumps to double this. Diamonds are priced per carat, so you pay a significant price for a mere 1mm size increase. You can of course make your own decisions, so let us which diamond size you prefer. 

Durability: Most of us would hope to wear our engagement ring all through the day and probably, all through the night. As is generally the case, the engagement ring continues to be worn even after the wedding. In case you wonder how that is done. The common practice, is to wear the wedding ring on the same finger. Take the engagement ring off, slip on the wedding ring and then slide the engagement ring on. The wedding ring is meant to be worn closer to the heart, that is the reason why you wear it first. The health metal weight for the RG210 diamond ring, the sturdy band construction and the secure and recessed setting for the diamond are some of the features that go to make the ring sturdy and long lasting. Rings with high set protruding diamonds, might look gorgeous but, they are more prone to damage if worn all day. The weight for the ring is optimized based on the ring size and band width that you choose. 

Pricing For The Ring With Diamonds. The price is quoted for 14k white, yellow or rose gold. Please add another 200 U.S$ to each of the below prices if you prefer 18k gold. Request for a price quite if you wish to have a 10k white, yellow or pink gold diamond engagement ring. 

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Pricing For Gemstone Options: There is no restriction on the selection of gemstone, you can even request for a gem not mentioned in the table below. Prices are quoted for the 5mm and 6mm gem size (round and square). Let us know if you need a gem size larger than that quoted below, we will work a price quote for you. 

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How To Buy: If you are interested in the RG210 diamond engagement ring or any other jewel, please email us your requirements to sales@kaisilver.com Fine jewelry should never be purchased in a hurry, let our support team provide you with full details and suggestions. We can also craft a ring with your design idea, you can send us images or sketches to explain your requirements. There is a production lead time of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We recommend Paypal as the mode of payment for first time buyers but, also accept Western Union. Let us know which mode you prefer and the team will provide details for the same. There is a shipping charge of 35 U.S$ but, we try to bear that cost as far as possible. You will be informed before the order confirmation regarding shipping charges, if any. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With over 7,000 satisfied clients spread in more than 15 nations, we are today the preferred online source for high end custom made jewelry. The same superior quality standards are maintained for gold and 925 silver jewels. You can pick a design from our websites or send us your own image. We have preferential access to gemstones mined in more than 18 nations, this allows us to place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. Our team of experts will always be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you. It does not matter where you buy your jewelry from, just make sure that you take advantage of our intense knowledge and experience in ever aspect of gemstones and jewelry. 

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