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A minimal design concept for this fine diamond ring, the sturdy construction comes with solid band (gold or silver) no hollow portions and no scooping of metal inside the band. A ring with three gems or diamonds, has been referred to as a 'past present future' ring for a very long time. If that concept interests you, let us explain that with reference to this pretty Kaisilver RG183 diamond ring. The past, present and future theme for a ring symbolizes, the good and bad times that the person wearing the ring has gone through. There is nothing that limits the wearing of this three diamond ring as a wedding or engagement ring but, no denying the fact that the design does suit all occasions both, formal and informal. This ring is finely crafted by some of Thailand's leading jewelry artisans and ships worldwide. Kaisilver is today proud to serve over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations. You could order this ring in gold or silver, with your choice of diamonds and gemstones. The diamond ring in gold or silver, would have the same superior standards. 

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Highlights Of The RG183 Ring

  • Finely handcrafted in gold or 925 silver by expert artisans in Thailand. Both gold and silver diamond rings, have the same premium standards. Options for the gold ring include 10k, 14k or 18k - white, yellow or pink gold. Request for pricing on the 10k diamond ring, if you wish to a 10k gold ring. 
  • Each ring is meticulously crafted and customized to your requirements, all design modification requests can be accommodated. We do not use readymade molds and mechanized production lines. 
  • For a silver 3 diamond ring, we would recommend that no plating be done, this because all plating on silver will wear off after a while - this can pose a challenge when it is time to clean and polish the ring. 
  • The ring is sturdy and solid, it does not have any hollow portions and no metal scooping is done inside the band. The metal weight ranges from 12 to 15 grams, larger rings could require additional metal weight.
  • The price considers natural and not lab created diamonds, you can request for a specific price quote if, you wish to have lab created diamonds in your diamond ring. 
  • The 3 diamond ring has a 3mm round diamond in the center and 2 round diamonds size 2mm. Customization is possible, so you could request for all 3 diamonds of the same size or, combine gemstones and diamonds in the same thing. It is also possible to order the RG183 ring with only gems and no  diamonds. 
  • Larger ring sizes and larger band widths, could call for more metal (gold or silver) weight. The support team will work out specific price quotes in such cases. 
  • We can also craft a unique diamond ring or any jewel for you with, your own design concept. We will work on specifications together and finalize on the price details. 
  • The band width of the ring with the diamond/gemstone sizes mentioned above, would be around 5mm to 6mm. That band width could change if you, decided to go for larger gem sizes. 
  • Request for a conventional band ring where, your diamond ring would have a uniform band width all around or, request for a slight taper behind the finger. 
  • The 3 diamond ring report, provides interesting design ideas that can be customized to form a gorgeous ring, with three diamonds. 

Comfort And Durability

If you wish to wear your jewelry when working with your hands remember that, environments where jewelry can be physical struck or exposed to strong heat, chemicals or detergents - is not the right environment to wear your diamond ring or any other jewelry for that matter. 

On the other hand if you wish to wear your diamond ring when doing general chores at home or work, there are two factors that need to be considered namely, durability and comfort. All Kaisilver jewelry is crafted on the basis of researched designs, the idea is to craft gorgeous and durable jewels. The fact that the RG183 diamond ring is crafted as a solid piece with no scooped out, makes the ring more comfortable to wear. Having said that we have also ensured that,  the ring does not appear bulky and clumsy. 

The band width of the ring is around 5mm to 6mm and this is ideal when, you prefer that you rings are not uncomfortable. It is unlikely that you would feel it inconvenient to work as you go about your daily chores. One more important detail when talking about the durability of the RG183 ring with diamonds is that, the diamonds or gems in the ring do not significantly protrude above the surface of the ring. 

Fine craftsmanship also has important role to play when it comes to wearing comfort. We might also add that, Kaisilver jewelry generally weighs around 40% to 50% more, when compared to similar jewelry made by other jewelers. This surely adds to the price tag but, optimized metal (gold or silver) weight, forms the foundation for a sturdy and long lasting jewel. 

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Natural or Lab Created Diamonds

Being very clear about the fact that, the price for the RG183 diamond ring is quoted with NATURAL DIAMONDS and not Lab Created Diamonds. Lab created diamonds have gained popularity in recent years with both, GIA and DeBeers seemingly being 'friendly' towards them! Explaining very briefly, Lab Diamonds are made in sophisticated laboratories where, a 'diamond' is artificially formed. The physical and optical properties of a Lab Diamond match that of its natural counter part, prices as expected are quite moderate when it comes to Lab Diamonds. We can craft a diamond ring or any other diamond jewel for you with Lab Diamonds but, will mentioned very clearly in all our communications that, the diamonds are not natural. You are most welcome to discuss this or any other issue, with our team of experts at sales@kaisilver.com - we will be glad to help even if, end up buying nothing from us. 

Customizing Ideas

As explained above, each diamond ring and every single jewel crafted by Kaisilver, is a high end piece meticulously handcrafted by skilled Thai artisans and gem cutters. There is no design modification request that cannot be accommodated we will also be glad to work with your own design ideas. Price quotes will be worked out based on your specific requirements. 

  • The RG183 three diamond ring is shown with a 3mm diamond in the center and a 2mm diamond, on either side of the center stone. You could request for all diamonds to have the same size or, have your choice of gemstone (instead of the diamond) in the center.
  • While the size and shape of the gems/diamonds can be defined by you, remember that selecting larger sizes, would imply that the band width of the ring also changes. Metal weights would be recalculated and the price would be worked out accordingly. 
  • You could request for the band of your diamond ring to have, a uniform band width (regular band ring) or a slight taper, on the portion that goes behind the finger. 
  • The concept of a 3 stone ring is good for a family birthstone ring. This where birthstones of all family members is included in one ring. Such a family birthstone ring also makes a wonderful gift for a mother. 
  • If you wish to have a gold diamond ring, consider white, yellow or pink gold - each of these gold colors can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k. 


This has been detailed report and we are sure that, no other jeweler would care to explain their product in such detail. At Kaisilver we believe that it is best to, educate our buyers and then let them make a well informed decision. We do not believe in pressure selling, our team of experts is here to provide advise and solutions - we do not count performance based on sales volume. 

The RG183 diamond ring is an awesome jewel that gives importance to good looks and durability. All the features of this diamond ring can be customized based on your requirements. Each ring is superbly crafted by a team of master artisans and gem cutters in Thailand - we do not mass produce jewelry. 

Who Is Kaisilver

The leading high end online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver has been leading the global custom jewelry sector for over 2 decades. With over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers in 15 nations, relying on us for all their gem and jewelry requirements, we are the preferred source when it comes to finely crafted jewelry. All jewelry can be ordered in gold or silver, the same high standards are maintained for both gold and silver jewelry. The designs for your jewelry can be yours or ours, all design modification requests can be accommodated. 

Kaisilver gemstone jewelry does not limit gem selection, this because we can procure and custom cut just about any gem for you. Your choice is not limited by what you see on our websites. We remain networked to all major gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, this gives preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you always get the best gem, at every price point. 

Email us at sales@kaisilver.com if you need any information or clarification, related to gems and jewelry. We welcome your questions even if, you choose any other jeweler for your requirement. We would strongly suggest that you take advantage of our expertise in every aspect related to gemstones and jewelry. 

How To Order

Whether is a diamond ring or any other jewel that you are looking for, we would suggest that you do not be in a hurry to place the order. Discuss your requirements with our team at sales@kaisilver.com - let them  provide final price quotes, options and design updates. There is a price table on this page that relates to the RG183 diamond ring, those prices are for the regular configuration. We will work out specific price quotes if, you wish to update any of the features. You can also send us your own design ideas to be custom made. 

If you wish to have a phone discussion on your requirements, please include your phone number and location on the email - along with details of your requirements, this will allow us to prepare for the call and assign an expert to talk with you on the phone. Mention the time (your local time) suitable for you to make the call, we will align time zones and call you at the appointed time. Call charges will be borne by us and you will not be obliged to make any purchase from us. 

Once you have all the information required to make a buy decision, move to the payment phase. We accept payment through Paypal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers as it is safe for both you and us. You can let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we will, provide details for the same. 

Since each diamond ring or any other jewel is fully custom made, there is a 3 to 4 week crafting time involved, this from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Fine jewelry like that crafted at Kaisilver, cannot be rushed. Multiple inspection controls and remakes when a problem is noticed, require sufficient time. If you need your jewelry to be delivered much faster than this, email us with details. We will let you know if the completion schedule can be accommodated - in no case will we compromise on quality. 


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