Gold Ring With Ruby Gemstone

A ruby gold ring has always been popular as an engagement or wedding ring. You will come across a wide range of ruby rings in white, yellow or even pink gold but, picking the right ruby gemstone ring requires a fair degree of evaluation. It is really not feasible for a casual jewelry buyer, to fully check all the essential details of a ruby gold ring before making a buying decision. This is precisely why choosing the right jeweler for your ring is all the more important. Kaisilver custom makes fine ruby gold rings, with your design or ours. Every feature of the ring is completely customizable. 

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By picking a team of highly trained and experienced jewelry artisans in Thailand we ensure that, each ruby gold ring is expertly handcrafted - silver ruby rings are also crafted to the same premium standards. You could pick a ring from our Ruby Gold Ring Collection or, send us your own designs to be custom made. Pink, yellow or white ruby gemstone gold rings, can also be crafted with a design provided by you. Since we place no restrictions on design, metal (gold or silver) and gemstone selection - any ring from our websites could be ordered as a 10k, 18k or 14k gold ruby ring. 

While we provide options for 18k, 14k and 10k gold - our recommendation would be for a 14k ruby gem gold ring. This is because the 14k gold ring, combines the right degree of metal hardness and gold content. Having said that, we provide all three options so the final choice is yours. Yellow and white gold ruby rings are popular but, choose a rose gold ring with ruby gemstone if you wish to include a pink (rose) gold ring in your collection. 

A gold weight of around 12 to 15 grams is provided for the RG131 gold ruby ring, this is about 40% more than what other jewelers would provide for a similar ring. The healthy weight of the ring makes it more durable and adds wearing comfort. The ruby gemstone and diamonds in the ring are also more securely mounted. When making a comparison between ruby gold rings from different jewelers, please consider these and other features that we provide. 

Important to mention that all references to rubies made in this report, imply natural ruby gems. The gemstone in your ruby gold ring could have a medium or good grade ruby gem. Given our strict grading process, we would suggest that you go for the medium grade ruby gemstone ring. However if you plan to wear this ruby gold ring for a special occasion like an engagement, wedding or anniversary - you might want to choose the good grade ruby gemstone for your ring. We would in any case suggest that you email our team of experts at and get more details on the gem selection. 

The ruby gemstone in the RG131 ruby gold ring, is flanked on either side by a natural round diamond. The diamond size is 2.5mm round and can be upgraded to 3mm round, additional charges would apply. You can retain the same ruby ring design and request, for the side diamonds to be replaced with any gemstones of your choice. 

The center gem is a 6mm square gem, you also have options for a 7mm or 8mm gemstone. The price table on this page, mentions the gem size available for each group of gems. You can let us know if you need a gemstone that is much larger than an 8mm square gem. 

Details Of The RG131 Ring:

(a) The metal weight for the ruby gold ring as mentioned above is 12 to 15 grams. Larger ring sizes can require additional metal weight. The idea is to maintain the same level of durability across all ring sizes. The requirement for a ruby ring with absolutely no scooping done inside the band, could also call for an additional metal weigh. You will be informed about the same before, we move to the order confirmation and payment process. 

(b) The portion of the band behind the finger measures 3mm. A larger gem size could proportionately increase that width. The 3mm width is adequate to deliver a sturdy gold ruby ring. Also let us know if, you need to have this ring designed as a band ring with uniform band width all around. We will inform you the impact that this design change, would have on the total metal requirement. 

(c) The ruby gemstone in your gold ring, will be a natural certified ruby gemstone. The gem will have a certification of its own, done by an independent gem testing office. You will not be provided with a cheap glass or fissured filled ruby or a lab created ruby gemstone. Kaisilver procures rubies directly from the mines, each gem is inspected by gem professionals multiple times. The gem then passes on to highly skilled gem cutters. No middlemen, no brokers, no agents and this means that, you always end up getting the best gem at each price point. 

(d) We talked about a ruby gem in  the RG131 Kaisilver ring but, the fact is that you can order the same ring with just about any gem of your choice. The ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, the design can be modified to suit your preferences. You are not restricted to the gems shown or mentioned on our websites. We craft gold and silver jewelry to the same superior standards. For the silver ruby ring we would recommend no plating as, any plating on silver will wear off with time. 

(e) The diamond on either side of the square ruby is a 2.5mm round natural diamond. You can request for an upgrade to 3mm diamonds at an additional charge. It is also possible to replace the diamonds in the ruby gold ring, with gems of your choice. 

(g) The sturdy 'L' shaped prongs in the RG131 custom ruby gemstone gold ring, keep the gem secure while protecting the pointed corners from damage due to physical impact. 

(h) The price table for the ruby ring, mentions the gem size available against each gemstone group, sizes range from 6mm to 8mm. Let us know if you need a larger gem for your RG131 gold or silver ring. 

Design Tips

The RG131 ring with ruby is perfect for all occasions, being a diamond and ruby ring the jewel is ideally suited for a special occasion like a wedding or engagement. Since the design of this ruby gold ring is suitable for men and women, the ring is great for a pair of rings - talking about the 'his and her set'. The men's ring could have a larger gem size as compared to the ring worn by her. When considering the gemstone choice for your ring, keep the options of birthstones in mind. These are special gems listed for each month, wearing them is believed to bring good luck and keep away tough times. There is an increasing trend for young couples, to exchange birthstones in their wedding and engagement rings. 


RG131 Ruby gold ring prices and gem options. Let us know if you need a gem not mentioned in the table below. You can choose from 14k 18k white, yellow or pink gold. Sterling silver is also available as a metal option. Request for a price quote if you prefer, to get a 10k square gemstone ring. The gem size and diamond size details are presented within the price table. All design modifications are allowed, we can even craft a ring based on your design. 

6mm Square Gemstone and 2.5mm Diamonds.

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7-8mm Square Gemstone and 2.5mm Diamonds

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Who Is Kaisilver: This paragraph is not about blowing our own trumpet! When it comes to high end jewelry, it is important to value the jeweler before, you value the jewels. Leading the global online custom made jewelry sector for over 2 decades,  Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 clients across 15 nations. We maintain the same premium standards for gold and silver jewelry. Handpicking some of the best jewelry artisans, gem cutters and production experts in Thailand, we meticulously handcraft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles and  cufflinks. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions or product queries. 

You pick the designs from our websites or send us your own design concept or image. All jewelry can be crafted in gold or sterling silver. Gold jewelry options include 10k, 14k, and 18k gold - you also have a choice of white, pink or yellow gold jewelry. There is absolutely no limitation on gem selection, your choice is not limited to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. Networked to all major gem mining and cutting operations on the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million  carats of gemstones. This ensures that you are not limited to any fixed inventory of gemstones, it also means that you always get the best gem at each price point. 

By handling the entire process from an order being received, gem procurement and cutting, design development and production - we cut of the long chain of middlemen and agents that, normally rule the industry. No multiple profit margins no duplicated brokerage fees and commissions - an excellent strategy to deliver maximum material value for what you pay. 

How To Order: Do not be in a hurry to confirm and pay for your order. Fine jewelry like that provided by Kaisilver was never meant to be an impulse buy. Email us at with all your requirements, you can include your own design images and notes if you wish. Remember that you are not limited by the gemstones shown, all jewelry can be ordered in gold or silver. Communicate as long and as often as you wish until, all your questions are answered. Equipped with all the information, work with the jeweler that makes you feel comfortable - we will respect your decision. 

Since each piece is expertly handcrafted in Thailand, there is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks, from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We accept payments through Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfers - Paypal is recommended for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we will provide details for the same. 

Shipping is done through Fedex with web tracking. While we try to bear the shipping charges, it might not be possible to do so in all cases. You will be informed of any shipping charges that you might have to pay before, the order confirmation stage. 

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