Custom Made Rings For Men

Finely crafted men's rings in gold and sterling silver, no restrictions on gems, design, metal or dimensions. All Kaisilver custom jewelry is crafted by a team comprised of highly skilled artisans and gem cutters in Thailand. Pick any design from our websites and request for it to be made in gold or silver, with your choice of gemstone. Men's gold and sterling silver rings are crafted to the same superior standards. We can also craft a ring with a design concept provided by you. 

Kaisilver is directly networked to most gem mining centers across the globe. We have preferential access to all gems before they reach the markets. You can pick a gem not shown on our website for your men's ring. We will gladly procure the gem and custom cut it for the jewel. The support team will be happy to advice and guide you with any questions and requirements that you might have. Email us at and our experts will get back to you with the required information. 

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mens ring big amethyst

A towering men's gemstone ring shown with a big amethyst gemstone. The ring is custom made in gold and 925 silver, you choose the gem for your ring. The gem size and shape can be modified to your preference. Get to know all about this ring ... more

men's ruby ring

Perfect for a men's wedding ring but equally suited for casusal or special occasion wear. Can be ordered with a uniform or tapered band. The octagonal ruby in the center is lined by two rows of diamonds on either side. In gold or 925 silver with all gem options ... more

men's claddagh ring custom gold or silver

A masterly tribute to one of history's most meaningful jewels - the 4 century old claddagh ring for men. A custom men's claddagh ring finely crafted in gold and 925 silver. Shown as a plain claddagh ring, it can also be ordered with a gem of your choice ... more

men's aquamarine gemstone ring

The pastel blue color of aquamarine is a great choice for men's aquamarine ring. The MAN64AQ men's gemstone ring is custom made in all ring sizes in both, gold and sterling silver. Kaisilver men's rings are crafted to look awesome and long lasting ... more

topaz ring for men

A blue topaz men's ring, available with a sky blue, swiss blue or deep london blue topaz gem. This men's gemstone ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, there is no limitation on gem selection. Design modifications are possible, get the details ... more

tanzanite ring for men collection

An amazing collection of men's gemstone rings set with natural certified tanzanite. We place no restriction on design, metal (gold or silver) and gemstone for men's rings. We will gladly make a tanzanite men's ring for you with your design idea or concept ... more

men's band ring with ruby

 A men's ruby ring with a classy look, the design is suited for both men and women. You could order the RG215 with varying bandwidth - suitable for a pair of wedding bands with ruby gemstone. A sturdy and durable ring, comfortable to wear ... more.  

Diamond ring for men, custom made in all ring sizes these men's rings can be ordered with diamonds, gemstones or a combination of both. The MAN56 has a luxury look and a sturdy and durable construction. The ring is suitable for formal or informal wear ... more

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