Blue Sapphire Ring For Men With Diamonds 

For men who like to wear that royal touch, the MAN122BS offers a classy high end men's gemstone ring with blue sapphire. You could in fact order the same ring with any gemstone of your choice. To be honest, a well crafted men's sapphire ring would always symbolize class, style and status but this ring from Kaisilver, takes all that to the next level. When you pick a rare, gorgeous and extravagant sapphire for a men's ring, it is no secret that the gem holds center stage. The MAN122BS ring boasts of a natural, certified sapphire gem that is handpicked by expert gem graders in Thailand. The gem is checked and certified for authenticity by an independent testing lab - no fakes or synthetics. The grand gem in the center is bordered by a row of glittering diamonds, a second layer of pure luxury. 

sapphire gemstone ring for men
men's sapphire ring

Sapphire is a member of the corundum mineral family just like ruby. A very small proportion of corundum in the ground turns out to be gem quality mineral. The gem is formed over millions of years in hard rock. Gem quality corundum that is distinctly red is called ruby. Gem quality corundum in all other colors (besides red) are referred to as sapphires. Just note that we mentioned 'all other colors' because, sapphires are not always blue they are formed in a range of colors like yellow, white (colorless), green, blue, pink, orange and purple. This obviously means that, you can order a men's sapphire ring in gold or silver - with any of those sapphire colors. Sapphires are extremely tough and durable, they come second in hardness to only diamond. This obviously means that diamond is the hardest stone to be used in jewelry. 

The MAN122BS men's sapphire ring has a smooth curved design giving the jewel, a confident look and feel. The ring would pair well with a $15,000 suit and look equally stylish with a casual T-shirt and a pair of jeans. So you could wear your sapphire gold or silver men's ring to work, or mark a special occasion like an engagement or wedding with it. You might have heard that a fine sapphire ring like this ring is ideally ordered for a special occasion. While this is quite true, the reason is related to the upper price bracket of quality sapphire gemstone rings. Every Kaisilver sapphire gemstone ring for men is configured and crafted to withstand frequent and prolonged wear. The simple fact is that, budgets for special occasion jewelry is generally quite significant - this facilities the purchase of sapphire rings. 

Rubies and sapphires have been highly sought after for centuries, closer to our times these gems have been extensively mined using the latest technology and equipment. It is therefore no secret that the resources of rubies and gems in the ground, has drastically reduced. This is something that ensures that, the price of sapphire does not fall. Working very closely with sapphire and ruby mine operators we can confirm that, these mine operators are wealthy. They prefer to stay out of the market on the rare occasions when demand slows down. What this means is that, the supply from the mines is reduced the moment demand dips - this ensures that there is never an oversupply. 


The price of the yellow, white and rose gold rings are priced the same. The ring can be ordered with any gem of your choice even if, the gem is not mentioned in the list. For the men's sapphire ring, you can choose a pink, blue, green or yellow sapphire gemstone. Price quote for a 10k men's ring or other gem, can be provided on request. 

sapphire ring for men

MAN122BS Ring Highlights

  • The men's sapphire gold ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold.
  • The pricing for the 10k men's gemstone ring with sapphire is available on request.  
  • For the sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring, we would recommend no plating. 
  • While plating can be done on silver at no additional charge, any plating on silver will wear off with time.
  • The portion of the ring behind the finger is around 6mm to 7mm wide.  
  • The MAN122BS sapphire ring in gold or silver, would have the same superior quality standards. 
  • In the center of the ring is a 9x7mm oval blue, pink, green or yellow sapphire gem. 
  • There is no restriction on gem selection, so let us know your gemstone preference. 
  • Discuss with our support experts if, you need a larger 10x8mm oval gem instead. 
  • There are approximately 17 pieces of 2mm round diamonds around the center gem.
  • The price quoted is for G-H, SI1-SI2 round diamonds. Let us know if you prefer a higher quality. 
  • The men's sapphire gemstone gold ring has a minimum weight of around 22 to 25 grams.
  • Larger ring sizes or requests for no scooping inside the band, could require additional weight.
  • The sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring, has a minimum weight of 20 grams. 
  • We can craft a sapphire ring based on a design provided by you. 

If you look at the price table above, you would notice that the gem is a 9x7mm oval sapphire. A query that clients often raise -  they wish to know if the same design concept can accommodate a 10x8mm gemstone. The answer is quite simple YES but, there are a few issues that need to be addressed. While gems in the first two groups in the price table, would be reasonably priced in the 10x8mm size, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite and emerald would show a substantial price rise. Getting into a few numerics, the weight increase for a 9x7mm oval to a 10x8mm oval could be as high as 50%. This translates into a significant price rise, in the case of high price bracket gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite. Don't forget that the larger gem would also increase the overall dimensions of he ring, this would need be to supported by an increased metal (gold or silver) weight. In the case of a sapphire gold ring, an increase in the price tag would be inevitable. In any case, we advise you to discuss your requirements with your experts and let them come up with suggestions.

Second question, 'will my sapphire ring be solid, without any scooping inside the band'. The price table mentioned above makes a calculation based on specific gold or silver weight. Remember that you can order this men's ring with sapphire in gold or 925 silver. The gold ring would have a minimum metal weight of around 20 to 25 grams, the silver sapphire ring would weigh a minimum of 20 grams. The metal weight are around 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers would provide but, let us talk about the ring with no metal scooping inside the band.  The ring has big dimensions so, once we have your ring size we will make a precise calculation of metal weight required to craft a ring with no scooping. What we will arrive at is the need (if any) of any additional metal weight, that might be required to craft a solid ring with no scooping. If you happen to be be ordering a men's silver sapphire ring, we will bear the extra silver weight. But for men's gold rings, the additional cost of added metal weight will be added to the price tag. 

How To Buy: Everything that you see on the Kaisilver websites is finely handcrafted with handpicked and expertly cut gemstones. This is surely not the type of jewelry that you should rush to order and make an impulse purchase. Whether it is the MAN122BS blue sapphire men's ring or any other jewel that you are looking for, we invite you to discuss with our experts at Get their suggestions and request for options and advice. We offer the same superior standards for gold and 925 silver jewelry, this makes it easier for you to pick a metal. While accommodating all requests for design modifications, we are fully geared to craft a unique jewel based on a design provided by you. There is no limitation on gem selection which means that, your selection need not depend on what is shown on our websites. If you would prefer to go through your requirements on phone, we will be glad to schedule a call at our expense and at a time suitable to you. Email with details of your requirements, include your phone number and local time suitable for you to receive the call. We will have one of our experts prepare for the call and contact you at the agreed time. You will not be charged for the call and you will not be under any obligation to make a purchase from us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: One of the very few online high end jewelry providers to have gained international recognition, Kaisilver today has over 12,000 satisfied clients in 15 nations. For two decades we have been the preferred choice of quality conscious and knowledgeable gem and jewelry lovers. We craft all types of gold and sterling silver jewelry, to the same fine standards. The design can be ours or provided by you and there is no restriction on gem selection. By closely networking with gem mining and cutting operations globally, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems. This allows us to deliver the best gem at each price range - always. Contact the team at if you have any questions or requirements. 

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