Citrine Ring For Men 

Talk about a men's gold ring or a ring for men in sterling silver, citrine the November birthstone is always a great choice. Modestly priced in sizes up to 12mm, this lively golden yellow gem has symbolized wealth and prosperity for centuries. Merchants often wear citrine gemstone rings, to bring success to their business. Having said that, citrine is an awesome gem for all occasions. No doubt that men's silver citrine rings are very popular, the classic look of silver and the economical price tag - are two important reasons. Just keep in mind that, we said 'economical', 'modestly' priced not 'cheap'. Each Kaisilver men's citrine ring is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Thailand - the rings ship across the globe, worn in over 12 nations. As seen in the images, the MAN002 men's ring is sturdy and durable, no metal scooping inside the band. The metal (gold or silver) weight, of Kaisilver jewelry is around 40% to 60% more than, what other jewelers would provide. This adds to the long term durability and wearing comfort level of our jewels. 

men's ring with gemstone citrine
citrine ring men's

The center gem shown in the MAN02N image is an 8mm round citrine gem. Let us know if you need a bigger or smaller gemstone. Gemstone settings for men's rings are best done with a bezel setting, this can be seen in the image. The bezel setting borders the entire rim of the gemstone with metal (gold or silver). Since we place no restriction on gem selection, you could choose the gemstone, shape and size of your choice. Please keep in mind that, gem prices can vary widely based on gem type and size. 

Highlights Of The MAN02 Ring:

  • Available as a men's citrine ring in gold or sterling silver.
  • Choose from 10k, 14k or 18k - white, yellow or pink gold.
  • The same superior standards for the gold and silver ring.
  • The round gem is a 7mm or 8mm round gemstone.
  • There is no limitation on gemstone selection.
  • Can be customized with a bigger or smaller gem.
  • The portion behind the finger has a width of 5mm. 
  • Pick the texture of your choice, for the ring surface. 
  • The ring has a metal weight of around 20 to 25 grams.
  • Larger ring sizes might require additional  metal weight.
  • We can accommodate requests for all design modifications.
  • You can order the MAN02 citrine ring in all ring sizes.
  • We can also craft a ring based on your own design. 
  • Each ring is finely handcrafted in Thailand.
  • Kaisilver ships custom jewels across the globe.

When picking the gem for your citrine for men, consider the gem type and price logistics. If you had to pick blue topaz, for your men's gold or silver ring - you have a choice of light blue (sky blue) topaz, bright blue (swiss blue) topaz and deep blue (london blue) topaz. Excellent eye clean blue topaz and surprisingly moderately priced. Must mention that a men's topaz ring could include a white, blue or yellow topaz gemstone. Prices could differ and we will provide a custom quotation.

Talking about few other modestly priced gems that, would look awesome in the design of the MAN02 men's citrine gemstone design. Peridot the sparkling green beauty, also the birthstone for August - has a fresh and lively look. The gem is suitable for both women's and men's rings in gold or 925 silver. Red Garnet perched at the top of the birthstone charts, marks the birthstone for the month of January. Wearing a garnet is believed to keep the wearer safe during a journey. Crystal healers often recommend red garnet, to help boost confidence and creativity. True that red garnets were a lot cheaper a decade ago but, they are still reasonably priced. The MAN02 man ring design is awesome for a garnet ring. The February birthstone Amethyst would also be suitable for this citrine men's ring design. When choose amethyst instead of citrine for your man gold or 925 silver ring, we could recommend a medium purple gem. While we can provide a light, medium or deep purple gem, the medium color saturation provides the best sparkle and color combination. The choice is yours.


man02 citrine ring pricing

Now some information about the men's citrine gem ring, with gems that are a bit more expensive than the above collection. Aquamarine the pastel blue birthstone for the month of March, symbolizes peace and tranquility. Wearing an aquamarine men's gemstone ring is believed to, bring reconciliation and harmony to a relationship - both personal and professional. Some color shades of aquamarine can resemble light blue topaz but, the prices vary significantly. Pick the MAN02 man citrine ring if you wish and go for blue aquamarine instead. When ordering this citrine men's ring with lighter colored gems, you might want to leave the external criss-cross texture on the ring. You could then leave it with a simple polish surface, your choice so let us know what you prefer. Another choice would be to skip the citrine gem in the men's gemstone ring and consider Tourmaline - green, pink, burnished pink and red (rubelite) are popular gem colors for man rings. The green color of tourmaline is much darker than that of peridot, the gem is tough and durable. An interesting orange gem is spessartite or spessartine as it is sometimes referred to. A type of garnet spessartine ranges from orange (generally shows inclusions) to a darker 'brandy' color and on to red. We would suggest that you go for the brandy colored spessartite gemstone for your ring.

Still on the citrine men's ring and talking about some interesting gem options - remember that there is no limitation to your choice of gemstones. If you wish to have a gem like ruby, sapphire (yellow, pink, green, orange or blue), tanzanite or emerald for your gemstone man ring, here are some interesting pieces of information. Sapphire is  the September birthstone, it is rare gorgeous and tough. Ruby and sapphire come from the same mineral (corundum) family. Ruby (July birthstone) is the red variety of corundum and carries a premium price tag. If you plan to order the MAN02 ring with ruby or sapphire, it is better to choose a 7mm round gem. This is because a slight increase in gem size to 8mm, significantly pushes up the price of rubies and sapphires. Let us know if you still prefer to go for an 8mm gem and we, will work out a price quite for the same. You could also order the citrine men's ring with emerald (May birthstone), tanzanite (December birthstone). The explanation of a 7mm round gem instead of an 8mm gem, also apply to emerald and tanzanite.  

We now get back to the men's ring with citrine and talk about, the texture on the band of the ring. You could order the ring with the criss-cross effect as shown in the image or, go for a simple high polish finish. We can also do a dull (matt) finish for the ring or a give it a tree bark texture. Images for these textures can be provided on request. It is also possible to have symbols etched on either side of the round gem - the yin yang, lightning, cross, alphabet are some examples.

Ring Durability: This report on the citrine men's ring would be incomplete, without talking about the structure and durability of the jewel. The MAN02 ring would have a metal weight of 20 to 25 grams, larger ring sizes in the 12 to 15 size range could require, upwards of 30 grams. The weight of your men's ring in gold or silver, would be determined once we have finalized the gem and ring (finger) size. This weight ensures that, there is no metal scooping done inside the band. You end up getting a citrine ring that is tough and durable and more comfortable to wear. We have already spoken about the bezel setting of the gem where, the entire border of the gemstone is covered with metal (gold or silver). Besides providing a very secure setting for the gem, this setting also protects the gemstone from side impact. A design similar to the MAN02 men's citrine gemstone ring, could be crafted with prong setting for the gem but prongs create a few problems. Besides scratching delicate skin, prongs can get caught in fabric and pockets - this causes them to open up and loosen the gem. 

Still on the topic of durability for the men's citrine ring. We should remember that that durability of the ring, would also depend on the gem selected. Gems like emerald and opal, require some amount of care and caution when being worn or cleaned. Our support experts can guide you on information related to various gemstones. One thing to remember is that, irrespective to where you get your ring from, make sure that it is not exposed to harsh chemicals, detergents or strong heat conditions. You also want to keep your citrine gem ring away from environments where, it can be struck by physical impact. 

Gold Or Silver: So should you order the men's citrine gemstone ring in gold or silver. Let's begin by saying that, at Kaisilver we maintain the same superior standards for gold or silver jewelry. The design of this men's ring would look awesome in all metals and all metal colors. The bold texture on the band gives the MAN02 citrine men's ring, a rugged and tough look - perfectly suited for sterling silver. And if you prefer to have a man gold ring let us know if you prefer 10k, 18k or 14k gold - options are white, yellow and pink gold. The price table on this page shows prices for a 14k 18k gold or silver men's ring - pricing for the 10k citrine men's ring can be provided on request. 

If you order a men's citrine silver ring, keep the ring un-plated. This because there is no plating available that, stays permanently on silver. A plating that promises to have anti-tarnish capability is a myth, it will wear off after a while. A plated men's silver ring will appear quite dull and shabby, when the plating comes off. Polishing such a ring will also not be very easy. Keeping these challenges in mind we would suggest that you leave your gemstone men's ring un-plated. But if you still prefer to have a plating done, let us know and we will do it for you.

How To Order: Kaisilver does not encourage you to make an impulse purchase, that is surely not the way to invest in high end custom jewelry. Whether it is this men's gold or silver ring with citrine or any other jewel, that interests you - discuss your requirements with our support experts at We will provide suggestions and advice. Our staff are trained to support, selling is a secondary objective. So rest assured that, you will not be pressed to make a purchase, 

Since each jewel is fully customized, let us know if you have any specific requirements and we can work together to include those in your order. There is no restriction on gem type, shape or size - so do not limit your selection to what is shown on our websites. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles etc. You are always welcome to send in your own design concepts and images. 

There is a lead production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time as each jewel is fully handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. Every gem is carefully inspected and certified before being meticulously custom cut. We encourage first time buyers to make payment through Paypal but also accept, bank transfers and Western Union as modes of payment. Let us know which mode of payment suits you and we will, provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Operating as the leading online provider for high end custom jewelry - for over 2 decades, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 clients in at least 14 nations. A team of top notch jewelry designers, artisans, gem experts and cutters based in Thailand - work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. Over half a dozen fashion experts and style experts, advice us on various issues related to jewelry design and trends. Maintaining strict quality control checks at each phase of production, we ensure that your men's ring or any other jewel, compromises on nothing. 

We craft all types of gold jewelry in gold or silver, your design or ours and with gemstones of your choice. A team of gem experts stays networked to gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, this gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones. This is precisely why, we place no limitation on your gem options. Pick any gem from any corner of the planet, we will procure and custom cut if for you. We have been consistently delivering the best gem at each price point. 

Get in touch with our support experts at and we will be glad to advice you on all issues, related to gemstones and jewelry. You will never be under an obligation to make any purchase from us, so go ahead and take advantage of our expertise. 

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