Fine Jewelry Made To Order

Fine jewelry in gold and sterling silver made to order, from the leading high end online custom jewelry provider Kaisilver. Working with a dedicated team of highly skilled jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, we craft high quality jewelry in gold or silver, with your design or ours. When ordering made to order jewelry from us, your choice of gemstones is not restricted to what is shown on our websites. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bangles, bracelets etc. Kaisilver happens to be one of the very few or probably the only, high end jewelry provider to maintain the same premium standards for gold and silver jewelry. Email our experts at if you have any queries related to gemstones and jewelry - we will be glad to help without pushing you to make a purchase. 

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made to order gemstone rings peridot

Meticulously handcrafted made to order rings with gems of your choice. The design for Kaisilver jewelry made to order, can be yours or ours. Browse through this handpicked collection of custom peridot gemstone rings. Gold and silver rings have the same superior standards. Any jewel on our websites can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, with your choice of gemstones ... more

made to order cross rings for men

A handsome cross band ring for men made to order, the band width of the MH-02 cross ring can be customized to your preference. Crafted with the same superior standards in gold or silver, the band width of the ring can be decided by you. A sturdy construction, optimized metal weight ensures that, the MH-02 made to order ring for men is sturdy and durable ... more

custom pendant made to order

A gorgeous antique style made to order pendant, the gemstone in this jewel would be selected by you. Inspired by the royal traditions in Asia, the PG750 custom made pendant can be crafted in gold or silver. The dimensions of the pendant can be customized to suit your preference. Learn about dimensions, options and pricing in the complete report ... more

made to order cufflinks

Made to order cufflinks in gold or 925 silver. Gemstone cufflinks can be ordered with your choice of gems. Cufflinks made to order from Kaisilver, can be based on your design or ours. These are high end cufflinks and make excellent gifts, you could also buy a few pairs for yourself. Yellow, white or pink gold and sterlingsilver, all gemstone options. Review details ... more

Leading the high end online custom jewelry sector for over 2 decades, we at Kaisilver are confident that made to order jewelry, is the only option for fine jewelry lovers. Thailand has always been the preferred source for high quality gemstones and jewelry, Thai artisans and gem cutters play an important role when it comes to the global jewelry market. All Kaisilver made to order jewelry in gold or silver, is crafted by a superbly talented and experienced team of artisans in Thailand. It is very unlikely that you would come across any other jeweler that, maintains the same superior quality standards for jewelry made to order in gold and silver. We prove our commitment to quality by maintaining, the same team of production experts for gold and silver jewelry. The designs for made to order jewelry, can be yours or ours and we place absolutely no restriction, on your choice of gemstones. 


  • All Kaisilver made to order jewelry, can be ordered with your designs or ours. A team of highly skilled artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders . 
  • Both gold and silver jewelry are made made to order, with the  same superior quality standards. For gold jewelry pick from 10k, 14k or 18k gold and also specify your preference for gold color white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • For silver jewelry made to order we would suggest that, the jewelry be left un-plated. This because all plating done on silver will wear off after a while. You can email our experts for more information about silver jewelry and plating, the email address is provided below this report. 
  • With global gem mining and cutting operations, providing preferential access to Kaisilver to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we place no limitation on your gem selection. When ordering custom gemstone jewelry, your choice of gems need not be restricted to what is shown on our websites. 
  • Kaisilver jewelry gives equal emphasis to durability and external beauty. In general our jewelry weighs around 40% to 60% more than what, other jewelers provide for similar jewelry. This adds to the durability of our jewelry. 


Over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations today wear, a jewel made to order by Kaisilver. For over 2 decades we have remained the preferred choice for high end custom made jewelry online. A team of extremely skilled artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver orders. The same team is entrusted with gold and silver jewelry orders, this to ensure that the same premium standards are maintained for jewelry made to order in gold or silver. 

We craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver, no limitation on gemstones or designs. This means that we can rely on us for made to order rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and more. We happen to be the only high end jewelry prover to maintain, the same quality standards for gold and silver jewelry. When deciding on the design for your made to order jewelry requirement - consider picking a design from our websites and request for design modifications. We can also work with your own design ideas and create a unique jewel for you. 

Networked to all global gem mining and cutting operations, we have access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This explains why we can assure you of absolutely no limitation when, selecting the gems for your made to order jewelry. All gemstones mentioned on our websites are natural and authentication certificates can be provided on request. This is also the reason why you would always get the best gem for the money that you pay. Email us at if you need any information or clarification - on any issue related to gemstones and jewelry. 


Every item on our websites has a unique item code, you would also find a report to a complete report on that item. You might be surprised to see the level of detail that we provide for each and every Kaisilver jewel. Almost no other jeweler would care to keep you so well informed. We prefer to equip you with complete information, guide you with our expert suggestions - and then let you make a well informed decision. Your queries are welcome at we will be glad to reply and come up with suggestions even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. Remember that you could also send us your own design ideas to be custom made. All jewelry can be ordered in gold or silver, no restriction on design or gemstones. 

If you wish to discuss any issue with our experts on the phone, include your phone number, location and preferred time (your local time) to receive the call. Include as much detail as available regarding your requirements in the email, this will help us to prepare for the call and assign the right expert. We will align time zones and call you at the agreed time, all call charges will be borne by us. More importantly, you will never be under and obligation to purchase something from us. 

Since we do not mass produce merchandise but rather, have each piece meticulously handcrafted in Thailand - there is a 3 to 4 week production lead time, from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Accepted mode of payment are Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfer. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers but, leave the final decision to you. 


The cat ring is beautiful and elegant, and so so cute. I can't believe you got it to me before my girlfriends' birthday. I felt truly touched, at all the care you put into the product, and for the beautiful little bag it came with, and for your lovely card. Thank you for your understanding, care and expediency. God bless you for it! I have never been treated this way as a customer! THANK YOU! ... Mr.Eugene Iosilevich. ... more

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