LNG010 -Big Amethyst Gemstone 50 Carats

A whole 50 carats of the gorgeous February birthstone at its spectacular best. Masterly cut by a highly talented gem artists, this big amethyst gemstone boasts of an impressive size and measures 27x20mm with  depth of 13mm. The cushion gem is lavished with dozens of critically placed and angled facets, this to optimize the sparkle of the amethyst in most light conditions. While many of you might have the confidence to carry this 50 carat big amethyst gem on your finger, it would also make a tremendous amethyst gemstone pendant. While amethyst itself is not a very rare gem, getting a big enough rough gem to yield a large amethyst with such an impressive quality is not something that is seen very often. This along with the tremendous skills and expertise that it takes to craft such a gem, fully justifies the 1,200 U.S$ price tag that the gem wears.

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