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Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the most desired gemstones of all time. The gorgeous gem combines durability, beauty and tremendous historic significance. Kaisilver introduces you to an extremely desirable sapphire gold ring - the KSR002BS. The ring has a simple and elegant design and is designed to be suitable, for both formal and informal wear. Finely handcrafted by Thailand's finest artisans, the sapphire gold ring can be shipped across the globe. The ring can be ordered in all ring sizes.

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Before we talk more about the KSR002BS sapphire gemstone gold ring, a brief note about sapphires. It might interest you to learn that both, sapphires and rubies belong to the same mineral family - corundum. The gem is extremely hard and comes second in hardness to only diamond. We must mention that diamond is the hardest natural gem to be used in jewelry. Most of you would expect to have a natural gem in your sapphire gold ring, that is exactly what Kaisilver provides. Having said that, it is not uncommon for traders to provide lab created look-alikes as 'natural' sapphires. The gem in every Kaisilver sapphire ring is tested and certified by an independent testing lab.

Gold Options: Since each gold sapphire ring is fully custom made, we provide the complete range of gold options to choose from. You could therefore order a 10k, 14k or 18k sapphire gemstone gold ring. The price table on this page provides pricing info for 14k and 18k sapphire rings - email us if you wish to have a 10k sapphire gold ring. While it is true that white gold sapphire rings are very popular, yellow gold does have a loyal following too. You can choose white, yellow or rose gold when ordering your sapphire ring. 

Silver Ring: It might sound strange if we talk about a finely crafted sapphire ring in silver but, that is exactly what you get when you order a Kaisilver silver sapphire gemstone ring. We maintain the same premium standard for sapphire gold and silver rings. Important to understand that a sapphire ring will tarnish irrespective of, by who it is made. The good news is that, it is fairly easy to clean and polish a silver sapphire ring that has just started tarnishing. You should however avoid, allowing your silver ring to build tarnish before cleaning it. Simply put, clean your sapphire silver ring the moment it shows signs of discoloration. And if you hear that plated silver rings do not tarnish, here is the full truth. Any plating done on silver will wear off after a while. This will happen in patches and your sapphire ring would look dull. Cleaning plated silver rings as the plating starts coming off, poses some major challenges. We therefore suggest that you leave your sapphire gemstone silver ring un-plated. 

Highlights Of KSR002BS:

  • Custom made in white, yellow or pink gold or 925 silver.
  • Natural, certified sapphire gemstone. Not lab created. 
  • Options for white, yellow, orange, pink, green and blue sapphire.
  • Finely handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand.
  • No limitation on gem selection, all gem options available. 
  • The center gem is an oval 8x6mm oval gem.
  • The KSR002BS has a metal weight of 8 to 10 grams.
  • With no hollow portions, the ring is sturdy and durable.
  • The gem mounting firmly secures the gem - good protection.
  • The sapphire ring can be ordered in all ring sizes.
  • Can craft your ring with a design concept provided by you.

Beauty And Durability

This sapphire ring looks gorgeous, it would please just about any fine jewelry lover. Having said that, there is one more important aspect of the ring that should not be overlooked. While you enjoy the grace and beauty of the gold or silver sapphire ring, our designs and artisans have taken care of another critical feature - that relates to the durability of the ring. The oval sapphire gem in the center is mounted with a bezel setting. This implies that the entire rim of the gem is covered with metal. The other option would be to use a prong setting for the gem but this, type of gem setting comes with some clear disadvantages. Prongs tend to get caught in fabric and other places, this could cause the prongs to open up and loosen the gem. Prongs can also scratch and hurt delicate skin. It is true that prongs are easier to set and utilize lesser metal to be executed. We have chosen to use the bezel setting as, it provides a more secure mount for the gem.

The design for the KSR002BS sapphire ring is simple and elegant, no fancy distractions and no clutter. Without getting bulky or clumsy, this Kaisilver ring is made of solid metal (gold or silver) without any hollow portions. This ensures that the ring is long lasting and comfortable to wear. This is not like the light weight jewelry crafted by many jewelers, so make a fair price comparison when making a buying decision.

Sapphire: Talking about durability of the gold or 925 silver sapphire ring, we must talk about the natural characteristics of sapphire. A rare gemstone from the corundum mineral family, sapphires come in a range of natural colors - yellow, blue, green, white, pink and purple are some of these gorgeous colors. You could choose any of these sapphire colors for your Kai Silver sapphire ring. The gem is extremely rare and colors other than blue, were unknown for centuries. This explains why blue sapphire rings are extremely popular. The gem in your sapphire gold or silver ring, happens to be one of the hardest gems to be used in jewelry. The Mohs scale that is used to measure the hardness of various substances including gemstones, rates sapphire at a 9 (out of 10). The hardest precious stone to be used in jewelry is diamond and ranks at, 10 on the same Mohs scale. 

Irrespective of how sturdy and strong your jewel is we strongly recommend a few things. Do not expose your sapphire gem ring to strong heat or chemicals and detergents. Avoid wearing your sapphire gold or 925 silver, in environments where it can be struck by physical impact. With little bit of care and caution, the KSR002BS will give you many long years of satisfaction. 


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How To Order: Whether it is the KSR002BS sapphire ring or any other jewel, that you are interested in - we would suggest that you do not be in a hurry to confirm your order. Get in touch with our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com provide item information, discuss your preferences and request for suggestions and price quotes. We can craft just about any jewel like a ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings, bangle etc with your design or ours. You can therefore send us sketches and images to explain your requirement. Ask as many questions as you please, make sure that you have clear and precise answers. Make a buying decision after that, we will be fine even if you finally choose to work with any other jeweler. We do not hard sell and will not rush you into making a decision.

Since each sapphire ring or other jewel is fully custom made, there is a 4 to 5 week lead production time for all orders. Some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans, designers and gem cutters work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. Production begins after payment is received through Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment suits you and we will, provide details for the same. Shipping will be through Fedex with web tracking. You will be informed of shipping charges (if any), before the order is confirmed with payment. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading source for high end jewelry online from Thailand, Kaisilver today serves over 15,000 clients residing in over 12 nations. Some of Thailand's highly skilled artisans, talented designers and jewelry production specialists work on all our jewelry order. Each piece if completely custom made and the same superior standards, are maintained for gold and 925 silver jewelry. By networking diamond mining regions in almost every nation, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones. Irrespective of whether you buy a sapphire gold ring or any other jewel from us, rest assured that you will always get the best gem at any price point. We will gladly procure and custom cut any gem from any part of the world for you. The choice of gems is not limited to what is mentioned on our websites. The design for your jewel can be picked from our websites or sent to us, as an image or sketch. Contact our experts at  sales@kaisilver.com  and let them, come up with suggestions, pricing and other details. 

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Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am very excited and overwhelmed to receive my ring and earrings. The ring is EXACTLY the same as the one that was stolen and I never thought I could replace it exactly, even to the spinal effect of the stones.It was very kind of you to take the trouble and time, and allow me to take the time to describe exactly what I wanted.The result is the ring is perfectly the same and the earrings match so well, just like the ones I lost. I do thank you so much. Your service and products have been excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.  Reading the comments of other people you must be very pleased with the pleasure you give to your customers, when they receive your products. Please use me for publicity if you wish. Thank you also for your good wishes and blessing.Thank you and God bless ...... Patricia Dodd. ... more

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