Custom Rings By Kaisilver Thailand

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Kaisilver rings are custom made in Thailand, a team of highly skilled jewelry artisans accompanied by some of the finest gem cutters, work on designs created by group of talented and experienced designers. Each ring crafted by the team in Thailand is given complete attention irrespective of, the choice of metal (gold or silver) and the gemstone selected. Any ring from the Kaisilver websites can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, there is no  restriction on gem selection. Kaisilver gold and 925 sterling silver rings can be ordered with your design or ours. Our team of experts at will be glad to guide you, with any information that you need or any requirements that you might have. 

kaisilver diamond rings

Kaisilver diamond rings are crafted with natural diamonds and not, factory made substitutes. You can order a custom diamond ring from Kaisilver Thailand, in 10k 14k or 18k gold - pick white, yellow or pink as gold color. Sterling silver is also an option ... more

moonstone ring claddagh

A gorgeous moonstone ring, crafted by Thailand's highly skilled artisans in gold or sterling silver. Review our moonstone ring collection for men and women. We can craft your ring with moonstone or any other gem of your choice with your design or ours ... more.

kaisilver gemstone rings thailand

Kaisilver sterling silver rings are made with the same quality standards as the gold rings. Custom made in Thailand, these rings can have the design and gemstone of your choice. Fine workmanship and natural gemstones are provided for all ... more

ring with many gemstones

A classic example of a custom ring, crafted by skilled artisans from Kaisilver Thailand, the RG133N ring can be ordered with your choice of gem types, size and shape. You can even request for more or less gem stones to be set in this custom made ring ... more

sapphire ring thailand

A handsome sapphire men's ring from Kaisilver, crafted by some of Thailand's finest jewelry craftsmen. This Kaisilver ring has a timeless appeal and is designed and configured to give you years and decades of wearing pleasure. Get more details at .... more

ruby ring crafted in thailand by Kaisilver

A sturdy ring from Thailand, crafted by Kaisilver craftsmen with many years of experience and exceptional talent. Shown here is a custom made ruby and diamond ring, the gemstone is natural and procured directly from the ruby mines ... more

Claddagh rings made to order by Kaisilver in Thailand. These finely crafted rings with gemstone of your choice, retain all the essential features present in the first claddagh ring made four centuries ago. The ring signifies love, friendship and loyalty ... more

moonstone men's ring gold or silver

A big ring for men, a large moonstone or any gem of your choice securely set in a finely crafted gold or 925 silver ring. Kaisilver rings are crafted by highly skilled jewelry artisans and gem experts in Thailand. Worn by over 12,000 clients across 15 nations ... more

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Who Is Kaisilver: With over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, proudly wearing jewelry crafted by Kaisilver Thailand, we are widely rated as the leading online provider of high end custom jewelry. Being networked to virtually every gem mining and cutting operation on the globe, gives us unmatched access to both rough and cut and polished gemstones. This is precisely the reason why we are in a position to consistently, deliver the best equation between gem quality and price. Our gold and silver rings are crafted with the same degree of care and attention thus maintaining, the same superior standards for both metal options. Kaisilver rings or other jewelry can be ordered in gold or silver with any gem of your choice. You need not restrict your gem selection to what is mentioned on our website. All jewelry can be crafted with your designs or ours. Kaisilver jewelry gives equal importance to design elegance, workmanship and durability. Get in touch with our experts at  with any queries or requirements that you might have.. You will never be obligated to make any purchase from us, so do take advantage of our expertise. 

How To Buy: You might have noticed that, there are no Buy Now or Express Pay icons on our website. We do not believe in rushing you to make payment until, you have clearly conveyed your requirements and our support team assesses your requirements. Send us an email at  and let us know your requirements. We are in no hurry to grab your order, make sure that you have all the required information before, moving to the payment phase. Each Kaisilver ring mentioned on this page, has a link that takes you to a full report explaining, pricing, options and order processing. If you prefer to discuss your requirements on phone, send us a detailed email and explain your requirements. It will help us prepare for the call (we bear call charges) and assign the right person to handle your query. Provide your phone number, location and mention the time suitable for you to receive the call. We will match time zones and call you at the time preferred by you.