Green Gemstone Rings For Men

You might not come across many men wearing green shirts or trousers but, when it comes to green gemstones, the appeal is universal. Men wearing a green gemstone ring reveal a refreshing style statement, the color is all about reconciliation and regeneration. When choosing men's rings with green gems, the choice of gemstone is important for more than one reason. With men's preference for rings with large dimensions, the high prices of some large gems can pose a challenge. You cannot expect men to fuss and pamper their jewelry, gems selected need to withstand general use. Kaisilver can custom make a men's green gem stone ring with no limitation on gem selection but, a few gems account for most of the demand. Men's gold or silver rings with jade, green tourmaline and peridot are the most popular. If you prefer to have a  green gemstone ring with an emerald, pay attention to gem size and durability of the jewel. There will be times when the selection of a men's green stone ring is influenced by tradition. Men who were born in the month of August or May, would have peridot and emerald (respectively) as their birthstone. In this section we introduce you to some awesome men's rings with green gems, you will also find some informative reports related to green gemstones. At Kaisilver we can custom make any type of jewel as per your design or ours, their is no limitation on gemstone or design selection. You can contact our team of experts at if, you have any questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry. 

green emerald gem ring for men

The MAN71 men's green gemstone ring is crafted with emerald gems. The design concept for this men's emerald ring provides good protection for the gems. The modestly sized emeralds are priced moderately and are easier to maintain ... more

green jade ring for men

The very desirable look of green jade from Burma for this men's green jade ring. Kaisilver procures jadeite directly from the mining site, this ensures that the stone is not treated in any way. An attractive price point for this men's gem ring ... more

peridot mens ring green stone

A gorgeous bright green gem, peridot is perfect for boh men's and women's rings. The MAN137p gold or silver green stone ring, is sturdy and handsome. The ring is also suited for other green gems like green jade and green tourmaline. More details on the ring ... more

green tourmaline gemstone ring for men

A hefty and sturdy green tourmaline gemstone ring for men. Tourmaline is a sturdy gemstone and is not expensive as an emerald. The darker green shade of green tourmaline has a natural and aesthetic appeal. Available in gold or 925 silver ... more

green gemstone men's ring tourmaline

A classic green gemstone for a men's ring, a green tourmaline square gemstone set in a gold or silver ring crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. Square gemstone rings have a sophisticated and refined look, suited for both formal and informal wear ... more

peridot gold ring for men

A bright green gemstone ring peridot is the birthtstone for the month of August. A heavy men's ring with peridot or any other gemstone of your choice. Equating large gem sizes, awesome beauty and an illustrious history, this green gem is priced very reasonably ... more

All the men's green gem rings shown on this page, showcase gemstones with beauty. The knowledgeable jewelry buyer today, wants to know much more about the gems and jewelry that he or she wears. Gemstone interest stretches back to the history of the gem, mining locations, folklore and historic traditions, 'special' properties attached the gem etc. So let us make a few notes about these green gems here.

Emerald Men's Rings: If you had to survey gem prices for all the above green gemstone men's rings, emerald would undoubtedly be the most expensive. Men born in the month of May would have a special link to emeralds, the green gem is the birthstone for May. Natural emeralds take millions of years to form, emerald is the green variety of beryl. If you believe in crystal therapy,  you would know that the green gem in your emerald gemstone men's ring is believed to bring, peace and harmony in family life. Due to the characteristic way in  which natural emeralds form, the gem always has some fissures (fine cracks) and some inclusions in it. Despite its significantly high price emerald happens to the green gemstone that, needs a fair amount of care and caution when being worn. Men's emerald rings should be kept away from environments where, they can hit by physical impact. While this is something that best be followed for all types of jewelry, emerald has little tolerance for physical force. Humans have known for centuries that, soaking an emerald in natural oils reduces the visibility of internal fissures and also improves the luster of the gem. Oiling of emeralds is a standard process and even the, priceless pieces of emerald jewelry preserved in heavily guarded museums, are periodically oiled to keep them looking good. This is the reason why your men's emerald gemstone ring, should not be soaked in water exposed to strong chemicals or detergents. Basically anything that could force the oil out of the gem damage the oil in any way, should be avoided. A good design for an emerald ring can do a lot to ensure that, the gem does not get easily damaged. If you have a close look at the MAN71H men's green gem ring with emerald, you will notice a few interesting features. Modestly sized emeralds ensure that, the gems do not get over exposed to situations where then can get damaged easily. The emerald gems in  this ring are also mounted in a way that, they do not significantly protrude from the surface of the ring. This reduces the chances of the emeralds being struck by hard surfaces or objects. We can research various ring designs and come up with, suitable suggestions for your men's ring with emerald or any other gemstone. 

Men's Green Tourmaline Rings: Some gem experts claim that green tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October. This along with opal which also happens to be a birthstone for the same month. In our opinion, any gem that makes you feel good should be your special gem. Tourmaline is found in a dazzling array of colors  yellow, green and pink are the most popular tourmaline colors. A men's ring with this green gemstone, will need no extra fuss or caution - tourmaline is a tough gem and will stand up to frequent wear. We are all aware that green tourmaline is green but, the gem often shows some very interesting color hues. The MAN136 green tourmaline men's ring shows a green tourmaline, it does not show any additional color tones. Now take a look at the MAN36 square green gemstone ring, the gem is once again a tourmaline - but the color is a mix of yellow and green. In recent years Kaisilver has seen an increased preference for this shade of green tourmaline. Tourmaline is a tough gem, you could pick green tourmaline for a silver or gold men's gemstone ring. Like most other green gemstones, tourmaline pairs well with all metal colors. 

Men's Peridot Rings: Rightly referred to as the evening emerald, it is important to state that peridot and emerald are absolutely different gems. Wear a men's gold or silver green gem ring with peridot and you will notice that, the gemstone shows its green sparkle even in less than adequate light conditions. Interestingly there are men who prefer the sparkling green of peridot and others, who love the quieter green of tourmaline. There is a rare variety of peridot found in the Himalayas (Afghanistan / Pakistan), this gem has an interesting inclusion in the form of fine needles. While many gem dealers refer to this inclusion as rutile, it is in fact ludwigite. There was a time when substantial quantities of this gem made their way to Asian markets but, the supply has now trickled down. It is quite possible that peridot with ludwigite, was naturally formed in a smaller pocket area. If you do prefer to have that peridot gem in your men's gemstone ring, let us know and we will source it from our contacts in that region. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. The gem was a lot cheaper a decade ago, but as jewelry buyers increased their knowledge about interesting gems, peridot prices have firmed up. Having said that, we at Kaisilver use our wide network of gem sourcing to deliver, good value for your money - irrespective of the gem. Pick any men's ring design and request for it to be crafted in silver or gold, with peridot or any other gem. We can also craft your men's peridot gemstone ring with a design sketch of image provided by you. 

Jade Rings For Men: The internal structure of jade makes it extremely tough and durable. Men have started to appreciate green jade rings since, Kaisilver introduced the modestly priced option for genuine, natural, untreated jade from Myanmar. You might not be aware that the name jade, includes nephrite and jadeite - of which jadeite is rarer and more valuable. Gem quality jadeite is found in no other place except in Burma (Myanmar). Top quality jadeite has a rich apple green color, this when untreated. We keep using the term untreated because, much of the commercial quality jade (jadeite) is dyed to make it appear more beautiful. The MAN125 men's jade ring shown on this page is just an example, you could choose any ring from our websites and requested for it to be crafted with a jade gemstone. Kaisilver has its gem experts stationed very near the Kachin gem mining locality in Myanmar. Gem mine owners, pick the best pieces that can be priced as expensively as rubies and sapphires. The rest of the jadeite is sent to treatment factories. Kaisilver buyers with their close contacts with mine operators, get a sneak preview of the material being sent for dyeing. We pick the best pieces from that lot, get it back to Bangkok an custom cut it inhouse. The price of this untreated and natural jadeite is truly modest - you could order a gold or 925 silver green jade ring. And if you find it hard to believe our story, you should be impressed to know that we provide an authentication certificate for every single piece of jadeite that we cut. This gem testing happens in an independent testing lab. And if you prefer the nephrite variety of jade and not jadeite, let us know and we will be glad to fulfill your request. 

Other Green Gemstones: Your gem choice for a men's green stone ring extends beyond those mentioned above. Kaisilver can procure and custom cut just about any gem, from any corner of the planet for you. Here is a quick run through of other green gems, we have some short notes referring to specific gems. Green garnet has a much lighter color than green tourmaline, it can often shown inclusions. Demantoid which means 'diamond like' has a dispersion (technical term) rate that equals that of diamond. This means that the green gem which happens to be a variety of garnet, has a fire that resembles that of diamond. If you really wish to show that glitter and fire in a demantoid, pick a green piece that has a slight element of yellow in it. The only drawback about demantoid is that it is expensive, generally found and more affordable in sizes below 1 carat. You might want to use demantoid gems as accent in a men's gemstone ring. Up in the cold mountains of Russia is found a gorgeous green gem called chrome diopside. The gem can often match the color of an emerald and even outdo green tourmaline, for all that beauty and grace it is pleasantly affordable. If you do choose this green stone for your men's ring, you will be expected to do a lot of fussing and caring - chrome diopside is not very durable. Some jewelers would talk about green amethyst better referred to as prasiolite, this is a pale green color gem. It is priced in the range of amethyst and citrine, you can let us know if you prefer a men's prasiolite ring. Sapphire is found in a spectrum of colors including green, the shades of green in sapphire can vary widely. If you wish to wear a green sapphire gemstone ring for men, discuss your requirements with our experts (contact details below) and they will give you options for green color shades in sapphire. Chrysoprase from Australia is another interesting green gem. We have our gem procurers in Australia for opal, pink diamonds and chrysoprase - so we can easy accommodate requests for men's chrysoprase gemstone rings. Other green gems that come to mind are malachite (opaque with black swirls), green fluorite (rather fragile), bloodstone (dark green opaque) etc. You can discuss all gem and jewelry requirements with our team and take full advantage of their experience. 

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