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It is not difficult to find a ready made pendant, mass produced jewelry can be purchased in a number of stores. However any expert stylist will tell you that, a custom pendant is the best way to get the pendant of your dream. As the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver provides some high utility advice in this report. There is nothing magical about getting a pendant made specifically for you, it is important to know what exactly you should look for. A true custom made pendant should not have limitations related to design or gemstone. 

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Highlights Of A Custom Pendant:

  • No limitation on design, you can send in your own design images. 
  • You can choose the gem of your choice for a gold or silver pendant. 
  • The quality of gems and workmanship is the same for gold and silver. 
  • All design modifications for a pendant can be requested. 
  • A custom pendant can be made with your own design concept. 
  • A gold pendant can be ordered in white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • It is possible to alter the dimensions or gem shape in a pendant. 
  • Requests can be made for the backside of the gem to touch the skin. 

Review the highlights mentioned above, they will come in handy when you provide details for your custom made pendant. It is important that all the design features in a made to order pendant, are based on your preference. A pendant where you can only choose the gem of your choice, is not a true custom made pendant. Kaisilver maintains a strong network of gem mining operations in almost every country, this allows us to put no restriction on gemstone selection. We go a step further and custom cut every single gem that we use. Besides picking a gem and deciding on the shape and size, you could also specify the type of gem that you prefer. To take an example the PG2000  large garnet pendant, can be ordered with a cabochon (smooth) cut stone instead of the faceted gem shown in the image. 

One of the points raised in the highlights above is regarding, the gem touching the skin. Let us explain this point in little more detail. Many gem and jewelry lovers wear their jewels believing that, the gemstones possess some special powers. For example wearing a citrine gold or silver made to order pendant is believed to bring wealth and fortune. Similarly a garnet gemstone pendant is supposed to encourage creativity and remove fear. This belief in gems goes a step further, it is strongly felt that the powers of a gem are amplified if it touches the skin. Kaisilver often gets requests for custom pendants where, the back of the gem touches the skin. Some alterations in dimensions and gem cut might have to be made to accommodate this request but, we will gladly do it for you. 

Here are some tips for a custom silver pendant, these are quite general so they will be of interest to most of you. The surge in the popularity of quality 925 silver jewelry, has never been so consistent and so intensive. The emphasis is on the term 'quality', knowledgeable jewelry buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for high standards. As the leading online fine custom jewelry provider, Kaisilver gives equal importance to gold and silver jewelry, the same team of skilled artisans and gem cutters work on both metals. To put it in a simple way, we are the best source for a custom sterling silver pendant. Jewelers love to lure buyers with a gold or rhodium plating for a silver pendant, the jewel does get a very expensive look but, there is something more that you should know. Any plating done on silver will come off, exactly how long it lasts could depend on a number of variable factors. Environment in which the pendant is worn, the way in which it is cleaned, composition of sweat, chlorine content in the water etc etc can all work to wear off the plating. At that point of time, cleaning and polishing the piece can pose a challenge. This is precisely the reason why, we recommend that custom jewelry be left unplated. The final decision is yours, so let us know what you need. 

A note about custom pendants made in gold. We provide options for 14k and 18k gold, more importantly give a thought to the gold color that you pick. You could pick white, yellow or rose gold - each of these gold colors will strike a different appeal when paired with different colored gems. If you plan to wear your 18k or 14k gold pendant with an existing chain, keep the same gold color as the chain for the pendant. 

We kept the best for last, let's talk about the colorful gem options for your made to order pendant. The dazzling world of gemstones is studded with amazing colors and sparkle, the number of goodies that you can choose from can often be confusing. At Kaisilver, we allow you to choose the gem of your chose for a made to order silver or gold pendant. You need not stay within the range of gems mentioned or shown on our websites. It is important to understand that, the prices of gems vary across a wide range. Larger gemstones cost more (per carat) as compared to their smaller counterparts, this is true even when the quality of the gem remains the same. Different gems can have the same basic color for example, sapphire, topaz, aquamarine and blue lapis are all basically blue. This information comes in handy when budgeting for your gold or sterling silver pendant. If you wished to wear a large pendant with a 15mmx12mm oval gem, blue sapphire would push the price sky high. On the other hand a deeper blue topaz would be very reasonably priced. Let's explain another situation with a good example. If you wish to wear a custom emerald pendant, keep your aspiration of gem size withing limits. While emeralds are expensive gems, larger sizes can push prices beyond many budgets. On the other hand, if you are more interested in a large green gemstone pendant without, any specific preference for the gem - look at peridot and green tourmaline. 

Taking care of a pendant is much easier than caring for a ring. A pendant goes through moderate wear and tear unlike a ring or bracelet that, can strike against hard objects and come into contact with various substances. Older people would appreciate wearing a pendant, swollen fingers and painful finger joints can make managing a ring quite a  challenge. In any case, it is a good idea to take off your pendant when going to bed. 

Ordering From Kaisilver: When ordering any custom made jewel from us, make sure that you clearly explain your requirements to our experts at It is very likely that they will come up with suggestions and advice that, will be useful in developing your requirement. Mention your preference for gold or silver and more importantly, the type of gemstone that you prefer. It is a good idea to talk about the pendant dimensions, some of you might prefer a bigger and bolder look and others, might like a smaller piece. Expect to get a detailed to your emails, we prefer to equip you with all relevant information and then, make a purchase decision. You could choose a pendant from our websites and request for design modifications or send us your own design sketch or image. 

Production time is generally 4 to 6 week from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Paypal is the preferred mode for payment, it is safer and more transparent for you and us. However we can accept Western Union Transfers if that is what you prefer. We will provide payment details when you confirm your preferred mode. 

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