Custom Rings, Gold And 925 Silver


All Kaisilver custom made rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. The design for your custom ring can be yours or ours and both, gold and 925 silver rings are given the same degree of attention, craftsmanship and gemstones. While our website does show many gemstone rings and the price tables, list a wide selection of gemstones to choose from - you need not be limited by what you see or read on the site for your gem selection. With direct access to more than 200 million carats of gems and a direct connection, to most mining locations across the globe, we are perfectly geared to source just about any gem that can be found on this planet for you.

We welcome your own design images and sketches to be custom made and our support experts at will be glad to provide, any information or assistance that you might require. We take great pride in being more than just a jeweler, and will be glad to answer all your doubts and questions irrespective of whether, you make a purchase from us.

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A handsome men's claddagh ring with london blue topaz in the center. You can order your men's rings with the gemstone of your choice. The claddagh ring is a historic jewel that dates back to around 4 centuries ... more.

Blue sapphire and diamond rings, custom made in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice. Priced moderately but perfectly suited for a sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire is the 5th and 45th anniversary gemstone ... more.

antique silver ring kaisilver

An antique silver ring style, ethnic design with fine craftsmanship. The center gem is a diffused star sapphire, on either side are white topaz pear shaped gems. Custom made in gold or 925 silver with all gem stone options ... more.

mens sapphire ring

A tough and sturdy fine sapphire gemstone ring for men. This men's ring can be ordered in all ring sizes and is available in gold or 925 sterling silver with gemstones of your choice. Built in features for enhanced durability ... more

A large amethyst gemstone adorns the center of this majestic men's ring. Crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver, the MAN57AM amethyst gem stone ring for men boasts of fine craftsmanship and a high degree of durability ... more

custom made gemstone ring tanzanite

With a multitude of colored gemstones to choose from, what makes tanzanite engagement rings so appropriate for the special moment. Celebrate a gorgeous gem that is 1,000 times rarer than a diamond and mined in just one location ... more

The demand for quality in silver rings keeps growing each day and this trend is here to stay. Here is an awesome men's 925 silver tanzanite ring, with a natural tanzanite gem crafted by the best artisans from Thailand ... more.  

A fine gold or 925 silver silver jade claddagh ring, choose from lavendar jade or green jade gem or pick a different gem stone for your custom claddagh ring.  Regarded as history's most meaningful jewel, crafted in all ring sizes ... more

The legendary claddagh ring crafted by the talented Thai artisans at Kaisilver. Available in gold or 925 silver with all gemstone options. Tanzanite a gem stone that is 1,000 times rarer than a diamond adorns this historicring ... more

silver tanzanite ring, cat ring custom made

The cutest cat ring that you will ever find. Crafted by the highly skilled craftsmen at Kaisilver, this gold or 925 silver cat ring can be ordered with the gem stone of your choice. The ring is shown here with the exotic and rare tanzanite gem ... more

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Skilled craftsmen work on each jewel and no compromise is made on quality, our jewels are not cheap but they remain unmatched in terms of quality. Production is overseen by a team of professional jewelry experts and quality, is checked and reviewed at every phase. Most jewelers would rely on a hurried Q.C check at the end of the production line but, we take a more proactive approach by implementing quality checks, all through the production process. We welcome single piece orders and are comfortable doing bigger volumes too, so do contact us for all your custom jewelry requirements.

Highlights Of Kaisilver Custom Rings:

  • All rings custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver.
  • Gold options include 14k and 18k gold with white, yellow and pink gold options.
  • 10k custom made rings can be crafted on specific request.
  • Sterling silver rings can be plated on request, we recommend that no plating be done.
  • Designs can be yours or ours, designs from our website can be modified.
  • Fine craftsmanship and handpicked gems are provided for gold and silver rings.
  • Your gem selection need not be limited by what is shown or mentioned on our website.
  • Strict quality control checks are applied all through the production process.