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Our support team will be glad to help you on any issue related to gemstones and jewelry. We urge you to contact us since, you will never be pushed into placing an order even after, getting the benefit of our expertise. You can email us at do provide us a brief note on your requirements, the team will get back to you soon with details and suggestions.

Though there is a wide time difference between Thailand, U.S and Europe - we will be glad to call you should you need any assistance. Just provide us the following details so that, we can better prepare for the telephone chat.

  • Where exactly are you located.
  • Your contact phone number.
  • Preferred time to receive call, your local time.
  • Brief idea of the subject matter.

The entire cost of making the call will be borne by us and we will not be in a hurry to finish the chat, so please feel comfortable and discuss your query or requirements in detail. The team will follow up the call with an email that contains the essence of the phone conversation and also, any questions that might have arisen from the talk.