Custom Gemstone Bracelet 

Reference in this report is made to a white gold bracelet but, the fact is that like all other Kaisilver jewelry - the BRC50 gemstone bracelet can be ordered in yellow, white or pink gold - you can also choose sterling silver for your custom bracelet. The bracelet is crafted with trillion shaped 6mm size gemstones, no restriction on gem selection and all gem combinations are possible. This is a custom made bracelet meaning that, all features of the piece including the gem shape and size can be modified to suit your preference. This is a finely crafted bracelet, price is quoted with the mentioned configuration - we will work on specific price quote for you if you choose to modified features of the bracelet. Email our experts at if you have any questions related to gems and jewelry.

custom gold bracelet also in silver
gemstone bracelet custom made

The BRC50 bracelet from Kaisilver is individually handcrafted by superbly skilled artisans in Thailand - and shipped globally. The bracelet has been assigned a minimum weight of 15 to 18 grams, this might seem like a bit too extravagant but, it is something that helps make the bracelet much more durable and long lasting. Saying this as most jewelers would craft this bracelet with a much lower metal weight. Secure gemstone mounting, smooth finish without pointed and sharp corners are made possible by optimized metal weight. 


Shown as a white gold bracelet, the BRC50 can be crafted in 10k, 18k or 14k gold and you can also specify white, yellow or pink gold. If you are planning to choose gold, we would recommend a 14k bracelet as this gold option gives the right balance between gold weight and metal hardness. The price table on this page is shown for a 14k and 18k bracelet - request for a custom price quote if you prefer to choose a 10k gold bracelet. One fact about a white gold bracelet is that, the neutral metal color allows the gemstone color to take center stage. While pink gold also known as rose gold, has really not gone mainstream when it comes to fine gold jewelry - this is a nice gold color if, you can handle all the attention that a pink gold bracelet would draw!

The best thing about choosing Kaisilver for your custom bracelet is that, you get the same premium standards for both gold and silver bracelets. Maintaining the same fine craftsmanship, design features and gemstone quality for both gold and silver jewelry - Kaisilver silver jewelry underlines quality, we do not compete with low priced jewelry. 

When ordering a silver bracelet we would recommend that, the bracelet be left un-plated. This because any plating on silver, will wear off after a while. This will case the bracelet to tarnish in patches something that, adds serious challenges to the cleaning and polishing process. On the other hand an un-plated silver bracelet, would tarnish but the cleaning process would be fairly simple if - the cleaning happens as soon as the first signs of tarnish appear.

BRC50 Bracelet Pricing

The price for yellow, white and pink gold remains the same. Request for a price quote if you prefer to have a 10k gold bracelet. Please read the gemstone size and shape details, email us at if you need any clarification. You can request for gems not mentioned in this price table for your custom bracelet. With the given configuration the bracelet would have a weight of around 15g to 18g. The dimensions of the bracelet and the gemstone type, shape and size can be customized - specific price quotes will be worked out in such cases. 

All gemstone combination requests can can be accommodated. We can also craft a fine gold or silver bracelet based on your own design concept. Change in specifications might involve a change in pricing - we will discuss details once we know your specific requirements. It is also possible to craft a bracelet with a matching ring. 

bracelet custom brc50 pricing


By maintaining close contact with gemstone miners and cutters across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Kaisilver is fully geared to custom cut all gemstones, our expert cutters are highly skilled to handle even the most complex gemstone cutting operation. Your choice for gemstones for your gold bracelet is not restricted to what you can see on our websites, we can procure and custom cut just about any gemstone for your jewelry. 

When ordering the silver or gold bracelet, you can choose just about any gems that you like - all gemstone combinations are possible in the same bracelet. Should confirm that all gemstones mentioned on the Kaisilver websites, refer to natural gemstones. You can let us know specifically if your choice is for synthetic or lab created gems and diamonds. 

The gemstones in this bracelet are 6mm trillion (triangular) shaped gemstones. We can customize the size and shape of the gemstones according to your preference. The price for such a configuration would be worked out and emailed to you. There would be 8 to 10 gems in the bracelet, the length can vary from around 6 inches to 8 inches, let us know if you need a different length for your custom made bracelet. 

If you wish to have the BRC50 bracelet in gold or silver with diamonds, here are some important notes. Given the 6mm gem size in this Kaisilver bracelet, replacing them with diamonds would make the bracelet significantly more expensive. You have some options here, you consider choosing lab diamonds for your diamond bracelet. While this would not be priced cheap, it would be priced very much lower than a diamond bracelet with natural diamonds! Discuss details with our experts at if you have some requirements in mind. 

Another option for adding diamonds to the BRC50 silver or gold bracelet, would be to include a 2.5mm or 3mm round diamond, between each of the triangular gemstones. 


Agreed that the weight of the bracelet is not the only criteria that decides how sturdy and long lasting, your bracelet would be. Durability is influenced by a number of factors, gem selection, design configuration, craftsmanship and weight (gold or silver) are the main features that relate to durability. But metal weight will influence features like gem setting, sturdy links between each segment of the bracelet and even, level of safety that the clasp (locking mechanism) of your bracelet provides. Also keep in mind that, no matter how sturdy your bracelet or other jewelry is - it needs to be taken care of. Jewelry should never hit against hard surfaces, it should not come into contact with strong chemicals or detergents. 

Various gemstones have different physical properties including hardness and toughness. You should consider emailing our team on the email address provided below this report - request for gemstone information and also about, any special care that the gems would require when worn. The team can even provide alternate gemstone options if, durability is your prime focus. 

Coming to the metal (gold or silver) weight for the BRC50 gemstone bracelet. Most jewelers would have crafted this bracelet with a weight that is no more than 10 grams. This would no doubt ensure more 'friendly' price tags but, it would also mean that a level of durability has been compromised. Kaisilver meticulously handcrafts each bracelet and assigns a weight of around 15 to 18 grams for the piece. This does mean that the links are more sturdy, the gems more securely mounted and the finishing makes the bracelet more comfortable to wear. 

When comparing the prices of Kaisilver bracelets or any other jewelry from Kaisilver, with the prices offered by other jewelers - make sure that you compare all features like metal weight, advanced design features, fine craftsmanship, quality and authenticity of gemstones and diamonds etc. Saying this because a hurried comparison based merely on external looks and prices, might not be good for you in the long term. 


The BRC50 custom bracelet is shown with the following dimension, the same white gold bracelet can be modified to include your preferences for dimensions including length. The pricing is based on these details and customized price will be worked out if, you require any changes to the feature of the bracelet. 

We did mention above that the bracelet can have a length of 6 inches to 8 inches, let us know if you need a different length. The gems are 6mm trillion and you can request for 6mm rounds instead. This might increase the price if you choose gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and spinel. There will be around 8 to 10 gemstones in your bracelet. 

Just repeating once again that, the dimensions and all other features related to all Kaisilver jewelry, can be customized to suit your requirements. 


Already mentioned that we can accommodate all requests for design modifications - so you are in control. However we offer a few suggestions in this section. Any multi gemstone jewel including a multi gemstone bracelet, can be crafted as a family birthstone jewel. Simply put, this gold bracelet could include birthstones of all family members. Such a bracelet, would make an awesome gift for a mother. 

You could request for oval, round or even square shaped gems, instead of the trillion (triangular) shape shown in the image. It is possible to combine trillion and round gemstone shapes in the same bracelet. The gemstone size can also be changed, to match your style statement. Some feature changes might, involved an added cost and the Kaisilver team will let you know about that before, we reach the order confirmation phase. 

The BRC50 silver or gold bracelet can be modified to include all your preference but, there is something much better that Kaisilver offers. We can finely handcraft a bracelet or any other jewel, based on your own design concept. Once again, you choose from gold or silver and select gems without any restrictions. 

Since all Kaisilver jewelry is finely design and crafted, you could request for a custom bracelet and a matching ring. This would make an awesome set and you should consider it if, your budget can handle it. Discussing with our experts on the email provided at the end of this report, would be helpful. 


Over 12,000 style and quality conscious jewelry lovers across 15 nations rely on Kaisilver Thailand for all their gemstone and jewelry requirements. We have been leading the high end online custom made jewelry sector, for over 2 decades. Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry like rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and pendants in gold and silver - the same superior standards. 

The designs for all our custom made jewelry can be yours or ours, there is no limitation on gem selection. Kaisilver is considered to be the best source, for the historic claddagh ring that was first made around 4 centuries ago. As the Claddagh Ring Story narrates, this jewel is widely acclaimed as the most meaningful jewel in history. 

Staying closely networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is the reason why we place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. 

Email us at if you have any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to share our expertise even if, you choose to buy nothing from us. All that we wish to do is to keep you informed and help you make the right decision. 


Before talking about order confirmation and payment, please discuss your requirements with our experts at since each Kaisilver bracelet or other jewel, is a finely crafted piece - we are in no hurry to grab your order. Send us detailed requirements include gold and silver options, gemstones selected, design changes if any - you can even send us your own design concept to be custom made. 

Since each piece is fully custom made and not manufactured from readymade molds, there is a 4 to 5 week lead time for production - from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. The team will guide you through the payment process, we accept Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfers but recommend, Paypal for first time buyers. 

If you wish to have one of our English speaking experts talk to you on the phone, kindly include your phone number and details of your location, requirements and preferred time (your local time) to receive the call, in the email. Providing details in the email will help us prepare for the call and assign the right expert to talk to you. We will make the call at the mentioned time and bear the phone charges at our end. And you will still not be obligated to make a purchase from us. 


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