Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst the purple gemstone has a long and illustrious history. There was a time when the gemstone was very rare, most of it was mined in the Ural Mountains of Russia. We are indeed lucky that, larger amethyst resources were found in Brazil and a few other countries in South America. Amethyst is today priced modestly, it can be found in fairly large gem sizes. Kaisilver amethyst gemstone jewelry is designed and crafted by a highly skilled and talented team. You can specify the design for your made to order bracelet or, pick a design from our websites. Our expert team at will be glad to assist you with any queries related to gemstones and jewelry. 

amethyst rings for men

An imposing amethyst ring for men, a hefty metal weight and crafted in gold or 925 silver. You can order this heavy men's gemstone ring with the gem of your choice, both gold and sterling silver rings have the same quality standards ... more

big ring mens gemstone ring amethyst

A big gemstone ring for men, a custom made gold or silver men's amethyst ring - long lasting, sturdy and handsome. Crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans, each men's amethyst ring has a natural, closely inspected amethyst gemstone ... more.

amethyst ring heart claddagh

One of the most meaningful amethyst silver or gold rings that you will find. Retaining the entire meaning and significance of history's most meaningful jewel. A claddagh ring with the gem of your choice. The ring symbolizes love, loyalty and togetherness ... more

amethyst gemstone bracelets

A sturdy amethyst bracelet made to order, pick any bracelet from the Kaisilver collection and request for it to be made in silver or 14k / 18k gold with amethyst gems. We can craft a custom amethyst bracelet with a design provided by you ... more

kaisilver thailand amethyst jewelry

Kaisilver Thailand custom makes fine jewelry with amethyst or any gemstone of your choice. The MAN137A is a sterling silver amethyst ring also custom made in gold. Pick a design for your amethyst jewelry from our websites or send us your concept ... more

amethyst men's ring

With its impressive looks and modest price, amethyst jewelry has a large and loyal following among men and women. The RG184 amethyst ring for men can be crafted in gold or silver. Designed to be both attractive and long lasting - available in all ring sizes ... more

Gem and jewelry lovers today love to learn about the background, history and folklore related to the gems that they wear. The information provided here would help you better appreciate your amethyst jewelry collection. The gem in your amethyst ring has a rich history with some very interesting stories. Amethyst is a variety of quartz pure quartz is colorless, but the existence of natural impurities imparts a wide range of colors to the mineral. The gem gets its name from the Greek word 'amethystos' which means 'not intoxicated'. In ancient times it was believed that amethyst could weaken the intoxicating effect if alcohol. Simply put a person drinking wine or other form of alcohol in a cup carved from amethyst, would not get intoxicated. While no one that we know of would wear an amethyst bracelet or ring, with this belief today, it is interesting all the same. 

Amethyst jewelry lovers often believe that, amethyst highlights positivity and keeps a person focused and motivated. It is not uncommon for gem lovers to wear an amethyst gemstone ring to help them, concentrate on an important task or objective. Crystal healers recommend the using of amethyst to cleanse all other crystals. Keeping an amethyst ring or other jewel with amethyst in your jewelry box, is believed to amplify the special properties of all the other gemstones. 

With a history that dates back to a few thousand years, amethyst has gained immense respect in the world of crystals and gemstones. The famous breastplate worn by Aaron the high priest of the Jews, had 12 gemstones sewn on it - one of them was Amethyst. While the breastplate itself has historic significance today, the 12 gems formed the basis for conceptualizing the 12 birthstones. The second month of the year which is February has amethyst designated as its birthstone. So wearing an amethyst ring, bracelet or pendant or a pair of amethyst gemstone earrings for February born babies would be very special to them. 

Observe the amethyst gems in the jewels on this page, notice the fine color and sparkle on the gemstones. To make this possible, it is important to pick medium purple amethyst with good clarity. Choosing very light purple amethyst will not allow any significant color to be showcases. At the same time amethyst with a very dark purple color, will absorb most of the light that strikes it. This cuts off much of the sparkle that you would expect the gem to have. Having said all that, Kaisilver allows you to choose of amethyst color shade that you wish. 

Whether it is an amethyst ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet that you wish to order - make your choice of metal (gold or silver) based on your personal choice. We happen to be one of the very few high end custom made jewelry providers, to maintain the same premium standards for gold and sterling silver jewelry. An amethyst gold ring or other jewel, can be crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. When it comes to 925 silver amethyst jewelry we would recommend that, the jewels be left un-plated. This is because any type of plating done on silver wears off with time. The wear off happens in patches and at that point, cleaning and polishing the silver piece would prove to be a challenge. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online high end custom made jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver enters its 3rd decade of online operations. Over 12,000 style conscious and knowledgeable clients from 15 nations, proudly wear a jewel finely handcrafted by our expert artisans in Thailand. With a gem sourcing network to all global gem mining and cutting operations, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is what allows us to place absolutely no restrictions on your gem selection. All types of jewelry including rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, pendants and cuff links - are handcrafted to the same superior quality standards - in gold or 925 silver. You could pick a design from our websites and order it in gold or 925 silver with your choice of gems. We can also craft a unique piece just for you with your own design sketch or concept. Discuss your requirements with our experts at we will be glad to help, even if you buy nothing from us.